Can a pap smear determine pregnancy? You need to understand that the Pap smear test is conducted as part of the routine medical examination of a patient. Once you become sexually active within 3 years or at the age of 21 you would need to get this test undertaken. You can confer the fact that this does not work out to be a diagnostic test, but the aid of a screening tool you do go on to find the evolution of abnormal cells in the cervix. Here the cervix does appear in the lower portion of the uterus that leads an opening into the vagina. With the help of the Pap smear, you go on to detect serious medical conditions at an early stage. The disease that comes to the mind is cervical cancer.

Cervical Dysplasia and Abnormal Pap Smear

When there is an abnormal pap smear for sure it points to the occurrence of dysplasia. In medical terms, it means the growth of abnormal cells on the cervix. When you are detected with abnormal Pap smear no way it points to the fact that you are suffering from cancer. What it would mean that you do require an additional round of testing in order to get to the root of the problem. When you are suffering from an abnormal pap smear it could mean

  • The chances of an inflammation or an infection
  • Dysplasia – the growth of abnormal cells could be found that might be pre-cancerous
  • Herpes
  • HPV or general warts

When it is the case of abnormal cells you are not likely to come across any major symptoms. Even the presence of HPV cannot be taken to be a form of the symptom as well. For this reason, you would need to conduct a regular pap smear test and this would go a long way in the detection of deformities as well. But if you are suffering from an abnormal pap smear test in addition to any form of secondary infection, then the following symptoms could also arise at the same time

  • If you are likely to notice any abnormal discharge from the vagina, and it would mean a change in the texture, color or the amount as well.
  • If abnormal deformities in the form of burning, itching or in the region of the genital area you are likely to come across during the period of sex or urination.
  • In the region of the genital region, you are likely to find warts or blisters.

Here we can figure out whether abnormal cervical cells during pregnancy are a cause for concern or not. Once the test is over the next course of action, would be to find out the reasons on the emergence of the abnormal cells in the first place. Once again a test or an HPV test may be suggested in order to get to the root of the problem as well. Here the type of abnormal cells along with the age of the patient are important points of consideration. Based on it the doctor may prescribe the next course of treatment.