With our busy schedules and hectic lives, we often depend on processed foods to give us energy. But these foods do harm than good by providing us little to no nutrients at all. The place of fresh fruits and vegetables in our diet has significantly reduced leading to a lot of illnesses and health conditions. It is usually advised to eat five portions of fresh fruits every day to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Juices too make for an important part of a wealth-loss plan in addition to providing plentiful amounts of minerals and oxidants.

Juices contain a high content of essential vitamins such as Vitamin C that promotes healthy skin, improves collagen levels and maintains good body hydration. The minerals and calcium present in the juices help strengthen bones and prevent the onset of arthritis and other conditions. These also help n reducing blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Juices also help maintain healthy and shiny hair thereby preventing their hair fall and premature graying.

When it comes to losing weight, you can consume a variety of vegetable juices with the addition of a few fruits because fruits content a high content of sugar in them which can affect your weight loss regime negatively. Here are a few vegetable-fruit smoothies that you can prepare at home.

1. Grapefruit Crusher:

To prepare this smoothie, you would need one grapefruit, one apple, one cucumber, one lemon and two cups of chopped kale. The enzymes present in the grapefruit helps lower the insulin levels in blood and prevents the secretion of fat storing hormones. Put all the ingredients in the juicer and have a glass of tasty grapefruit crusher.

Best Fruit Juices For Skin and Hair

2. Fresh Green Lemonade:

The ingredients to use for this lemonade include three cups of chopped kale, two apples, one cucumber, half a cup of mint leaves, and two lemons. Kale is a vegetable that is a powerhouse of minerals and vitamins. It is a brilliant source of Vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene, potassium, copper, lutein, phosphorous, and manganese. Combined with apples, this lemonade can really boost up your weight loss program. Mints act as natural stimulants that aid in digestion and converting fats into energy. Prepare this drink in a juicer and take it either for breakfast or lunch. 

3. Berry Punch:

You would need two cups each for strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. A drink so rich in antioxidants, anthocyanins, flavonoids, and phytochemicals, the berry punch is a great treatment for damaged skin. It is also beneficial for reducing the risks of heart attacks and heat strokes. Prepare this punch in a juicer and enjoy it first thing in the morning.

There are many more juices that you can have. All you need to do is find the right recipes and start enjoying a healthy living. Adopting an active lifestyle is important to make sure you keep up the energy levels to deal with the fast paces of modern life.

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