Many people struggle to remember their dream when they wake up. Dream is an inseparable part of our lives and we often consider our dream world as the alternate reality. When we are dreaming, we often consider that it is the actual reality and we may not be aware that we are sleeping. However, we often forget our dreams when we wake up and if we do remember them, we may only be able to recall a portion of it. Many people tell to themselves that the next morning they will remember their dreams and this simple step allows them to recall their dream much more vividly.

Such a practice could require some practice and at first, it could be difficult to recall much of details. Instead of writing, we may also record our dreams on the tape recorder. So, each time we wake up, we could relate all we saw and find anything striking about our dream.

It doesn’t really have to make sense, because our dreams often don’t make sense at all. Other than recording our dreams, we can also draw them. We don’t really need to draw perfect pictures. Our drawings should only provide further insights that writing and recording can’t provide.

After doing this exercise for a few months, we often can relate our fears and hopes with our dreams. This can help us increase self-awareness. Dreams can help us learn more about ourselves. We should reflect on what we have written, recorded and drawn. Ask ourselves what do our dreams mean to us and provide honest answers whenever possible.

This is our dreams and we are the one who knows their approximate meaning. Some dreams may seem to be meaningless, while others could have strong correlation with our conscious thoughts.

The next step will be to relate noteworthy scenes in our dreams with our thoughts and things that happened in our lives. We should be flexible and let our thoughts wander freely. After we conclude the exercise, we could be surprised to see where we end up. We could try to find the meaning of symbols in our dream.

In reality, understanding dreams can help us enhance creativity and solve problems in our real lives. Many inventors and scientists find answers to their scientific problems through dreams. Answers that we seek could actually be buried deep in our subconscious mind and dreams can help us unravel them.

Our brain is a powerful organ and it can solve problems we have. We could request to ourselves to have dreams that can help us solve difficulties. This technique may take time to master, but we could get better in controlling our dreams if we trust ourselves.

Some people seek to have lucid dreams. They are a state where we are aware that we are dreaming. This allows us to take control of objects in our dreams. In fact, many people consider lucid dreams as alternate of reality. Studies show that people who have happy dreams tend to be happier the following day. There are actually techniques we can adopt to create happy dreams.

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