Many women are changing from stay-at-home-mums to work-at-home-mums. This is thanks to the widespread use of the internet and the increasing opportunities for making money online.

One of the most popular roots for women working from their homes is web design. Being a freelance web designer allows women to work from their homes and therefore continue to give their families the attention they need while still making a living.

Although many women are successful at setting up and running a web design business from their homes, there are many others who fail. Below are some common mistakes you ought to avoid if you want to set up a successful web design business.

  1. Not Taking Care of the Legal Issues

There are many assumptions made by people starting web design businesses from their homes. One is that they don’t need a business license. You should however talk to the local authorities about the regulations governing carrying out business activities from your home.  Be sure to get all the licenses you need and meet the requirements set by the local and federal authorities.

  1. Not Working on their Own Websites

It is important to work on your own website when you start up. Your website is like your business card and portfolio. It is an example of the kind of work you can do. It is therefore important to take the time to design your website properly. Prospective clients will look at your website before they decide whether or not you can deliver on the tasks they are giving you.

  1. Not Keeping Track of your Accounts

When you start a business, you should be prepared to file your tax returns appropriately. It is therefore important to keep track of your accounts. You should especially keep track of your expenses throughout the year. You may be eligible for various tax deductions. Some deductions may include purchase of software and hardware that you have invested in your business. Keep every receipt related to business expenses handy.

  1. Not Developing your Communication Skills

If there is one vital skill for web design, it is communication. It is important to be able to understand what your clients need from you. This is the only way you can design a website that meets their needs and requirements.

  1. Designing to meet your Own Preferences

This is a common mistake in the design world. Many website designers would like to express their artistic talent. They therefore fail to pay attention to their clients’ preferences and design websites that meet their own preferences. The clients therefore do not get what they want. They will therefore not be satisfied with the work or will be unable to meet their goals.

Be sure to keep your clients’ preferences at the forefront of your design work. Ensure that the clients get what they want out of their websites. You can use a different version (with permission from the client of course) for your portfolio.

If you are planning to start a web design business from your home, be sure not to fall victim to any of the above mistakes.