Drug addiction treatment centers are a boon to severe drug addicts. Depending on the type of drug addiction, there are different types of drug addiction centers. A person who wants to get admitted to these centers must first understand the type of therapies offered at their center and how well it suits to your requirement.

What Are The Different Types Of Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

Things to consider when selecting a drug addiction treatment center

  • The substances that they have been consuming and addicted to.
  • The time duration for which a person has been dependent on these substances. This is important because different methods are adopted depending on the length of the dependence on these substances. Treatment for long term substance dependence is different from short term
  • Are there any additional issues that need to be considered?
  • What is the expense for undergoing treatment in a drug rehabilitation program?

Different types of rehabilitation centers

One should get a basic understanding of the different types of drug addiction recovery centers.

Long term rehabilitation centers

This type of treatment can be residential that implies that the patient stays in the recovery center throughout the recovery period. Due to a total cut off from outside world, complete focus is given to the patient to improve their lifestyle and get freed from addiction.

Such setting helps in removing the addict from the existing environment that can or cannot be conducive to abuse of drugs and alcohol. The comprehensive and uninterrupted care that one receives here can’t get in any other method.

Short-term treatment

This type of treatment is generally of a month time. It is mainly carried out in the residential setting and is found to be helpful in getting the addict out of their present situation. In Georgia you will find several different types of drug rehabilitation centers. Treatment objectives and expectations of drug rehab in Georgia are made to ensure one gets the best chance to learn, transform and cure.

Outpatient Care

There are a few addicts who are not comfortable with the residential setting. For them outpatient care will be a beneficial idea. It is very important that an addict should have a realistic picture of her or his own determination towards sobriety. An outpatient care offers several different types of therapeutic addiction care methods that are hard to find in any other inpatient recovery program.

In this method, patients can return to their house at the end of the treatment program. Though it can give comfort to an addict, it can be very tough for a patient to remain sober when nobody is watching on them. This type of treatment requires high discipline and determination.

Different types of treatment to cure addiction

  • Animal assisted therapy
  • Cognitive behavior therapy
  • Contingency management
  • Detoxification
  • Dialectical-behavior-therapy
    Equine therapy
  • Family systems theory
  • Group therapy
  • Harm reduction model
  • Individual therapy
  • Inpatient addiction treatment
  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Vocational or pre-vocational training
  • Withdrawal


Successful recovery of a patient happens over a long-time period through constant support and care. Right selection of the therapy and guidance can do wonders in recovery of a patient.