The strides made by the concept of telehealth into our healthcare delivery cannot be overemphasized. One of the main reasons why you should consider this concept is the fact that it places emphasis on the patient by placing them in the focal point of care. There is no perfect technology; therefore, the fact that this concept has some of its disadvantages does not take anything away from the fact that it has what it takes to bring great relief to the concept of Medicare.

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The concept of video conferencing with the patient from remote locations will bring the creative best out of every doctor because the issue is beyond a personal one on one interaction. Those who have been denied access to Medicare because of their long distance and schedule of work now have the opportunity to get the best out of this means of Medicare because they can access it with an internet connection from their respective comfort zones.

Taking a look at the stats, you will see an encouraging scenario relating to the use of this model; this is why you should consider incorporating the system into your Medicare regime. The following reasons point to the fact implementing telehealth is not a waste of your valuable time and resource:


It brings more convenience to patients. The area of waiting long hours on queues to see the consultant is gone for good with the arrival of this novel concept in healthcare. The majority of the patients prefer the concept of a video visit with their doctor to over a one on one interactions. Convenience is the major factor why patients prefer telehealth over the other modes of Medicare practice.

Cost Reduction

This is an effective means of reducing the cost of treatment. Cost here can be measured

Using several indices. When you leave your work station to pay a one on one with your healthcare practitioner, you are incurring a cost. Another factor is the cost of transportation that will be incurred in moving from one place to the other. With telehealth, you will achieve results with a simple tab on the icon of your electronic device right from your comfort zone.

Access To The Experts

No matter how far the expert is from your location, distance is no longer a barrier because with your internet connection and even if you are in the farthest part of the earth, you will easily connect with the expert that you desired. All these can be done by booking your appointment online. Nothing like this has ever happened to the healthcare system.

The Collaboration Of The Experts

The idea of telehealth makes it possible for the experts to work together in a harmonious collaboration which will deliver the best in terms of health care to patients. When these experts put their idea together, the patient will definitely be the gainer at the end of the day.


Telehealth is a cheap way of getting Medicare without straining your pockets. It is a must for those that want healthcare service at its best and at a reduced rate.