vi-ssl-certificate[1]SSL certificates are vital to the security of your website. The transfer of information over the Internet always associated with the risk of hackers accessing data sent. Using an SSL certificate, you reduce the risk that your web page is accessed by these hackers. How exactly do SSL certificates?

SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol, but a certificate is a signed SSL digital , which allows communications encrypt data transactions online via a browser or other protocol (FTP, for example), depending on your configuration . In the case of websites, encrypt the data sent between the server and the visitor, making transactions more secure sensitive data, such as contact details, passwords or even banking.

There are many types of SSL certificates check all ssl certificates. Do you need an SSL certificate to protect the information that your users enter in your website? Good hosting company offers SSL certificates are best for you, with the level of protection required and the best prices. Or, do you have an online business where your customers are using credit cards to purchase items? In this case, Different provider offers a range of EV SSL certificates provide your visitors the assurance that your website is reliable. Do you have a small website that needs protection, but not at the highest level?

How do SSL?

The information sent between the website and the client is encrypted via SSL. The key to decipher the code is sent from the web site server directly into the user’s computer as soon as the connection is established, this is called “handshake” (synchronized). The information sent between them (server computer) can only be decrypted by them and not by a third or that does not have SSL key.


A user can see that the connection is secure looking at the address bar, the address should change from ‘http://’ to ‘https://’. SSL certificates work between racks providing some visibility of their presence. The user other than to see that the website is safe to visit. You can also see what company requested the certificate and the contact person. This provides the user with the information necessary to verify the identity of the person you are dealing with.

How do EV SSL certificates?

The next level of security is offered by EV SSL certificates. EV stands for “Extended Validation” and this means that before issuing the certificate is performed extensive research on the identity and reliability of the person and / or company that wants to buy the certificate. In order to obtain an EV SSL certificate, you must prove who he claims to be and that it has the right to use the domain for which you are asking the EV SSL certificate. The EV SSL certificate works as an additional guarantee of protection for visitors. EV SSL certificates work the same way as SSL certificates, showing users that the website they are visiting is protected. SSL certificates but offer additional and more visible feature that ensures that the website is safe to visit. With the protection of EV SSL certificate, the user can immediately see the browser’s address bar turns green. After all, the more visible is the security of a website, the better!

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