The kiosk design for the micro markets is similar to the kiosks that are found in the industries. They are aimed at providing easy-to-use options for the operators. However, for an effective micro market kiosk it ought to have the following components:

Ability to accept cash: Micro market kiosks need to have card readers which will facilitate various bill payment options such as cash in terms of bills and coins, credit cards and debit cards.

Card dispenser and issuers: This component provides the company with ability to accept sponsored memberships. They are mainly used as loyalty cards whereby the employees and other card users can accumulate points. It serves as a rewarding strategy which will help in better decision making.

Internal Printer: These interactive kiosks for micro markets should include a printer which aims at providing receipts to the users for respective transactions.

How Self-service Kiosks Are Solution To The Micro Markets

Optional components are included so that they can offer different services such as:

i. A micro market enterprise can use keyboard and a trackball which is a very great tool for administering surveys and any other general information.

ii. There is presence of an overhead monitor which is used for advertisements and creating awareness for the products on offer. This monitor can also be used to offer guidelines and instructions to the user.

iii. Interactive kiosks for micro markets should also include scanners which will help in uploading coupons for other company’s promotions.

When designing kiosk they should also be durable and resistant from vandalism especially when the kiosks are deployed at location with high traffic. Micro market organization deploys many kiosks in different locations across the country. From their strategic locations, they are able to get feedback and other important requirements by their users.

There are two most suitable models of the micro market kiosks. These are:

a) The first type is suitable for high traffic locations as they are rugged, vandal resistant, it has a stainless steel enclosure. They can contain a touch screen or still they may lack the touch screen. For the touch screen option. The kiosks with the touch screen have a protective glass. It has an overhead screen which provides the company with updates, instruction and any other relevant information. This type of kiosk fully customizable which has a variety of options to match the needs of the organization and those of their customers.

b) The other type is simple, functional yet rugged which makes it a perfect choice for a micro market. It can be easily used in high traffic locations. It is very affordable option for the micro market operators. This type of kiosk can be tailor made to fit the company’s and customers’ needs.

Micro markets have definitely become an option that many companies have put in consideration. Implementing the se of these kiosks reduces employee down time as the time spent for lunch out is eliminated. This is one of the numerous benefits of having a micro market location.