Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean sea, with Ibiza town being its largest city. Ibiza is a noted UNESCO world heritage site and that makes it a hugely popular tourist destination. Apart from being known as a world heritage site, the idea of spending holidays in Ibiza attracts a lot of people due to its never ending nightlife and party scene.

Beaches in Ibiza

Holidays In Ibiza- Have A Fun and Memorable Experience

Ibiza is known for its pristine beautiful beaches, having clean and safe waters. There are more than forty beaches that are very popular. Since Ibiza is an islands, it provides very good access to the ocean from different perspectives. The beaches are lined up with some very good clubs, giving tourists the fun of starting the party in the club and ending it on the sandy beaches. The seclusion on some the beaches are of special interest to lots of tourists.

Clubbing & Nightlife

Playa d’en Bossa and San Antonio are the most happening party places in Ibiza. Everything you could expect to see at a party place is easily available. Expect to see large neon lightings, big names, wild music.

Lots of popular DJ’s visit Ibiza on a regular basis to perform and play their collection from various genre of music. Some of the well known DJ’s even perform on a weekly basis at certain clubs. Considering the awesome nightlife and clubbing Ibiza offers, clubbers generally are seen sleeping until noon following it with early evening siesta, and the late night partying and disco’s.

What else to do in Ibiza

  • Medieval Fayre is an annual three day celebration of the Ibiza town being declared an UNESCO world heritage site. More than a million people visit the old town and enjoy the local street artists performing.

  • San Antonia Town Fiesta is all about flowers, where women cover themselves with flowers and then throw them on each other. What started off as a bank holiday festival once upon time, now ends with a local couple crowned King and Queen and the same celebrated with huge fireworks in the night.

  • The Sunsets and Sangria can be an awesome combination set on a calm and quiet beach with the bar set alongside. Sip your cocktail, listen to the simple live Spanish music and admire to sun welcoming the night and then it strikes it really all about the sunsets.

  • Caves at Puerto San Miguel is a popular place to check out the caves. Legend has it that lots of places in Ibiza were smugglers cove and that the smugglers hid all their ill-gotten wealth in the caves here. So if you’ve that the spark of adventure on your holiday, this is a must do.

  • Aquarium Cap Blanc is a place for your kids. The place is set inside a cave having wooden walkways with pools of lobsters, turtles, eels, etc on display. You can easily spend a couple of hours here as your kids get their first introduction to the sea creatures.

  • Shopping at San Antonio is a must. No holiday is complete until you’ve had your bag fill of goodies and local souvenirs. San Antonia is a nice place to shop around for the local specials. Sandals, footwear, sarongs, bags, fragrances, toys, just anything, you can find a very good collection.

Ibiza is a famous holiday spot these days. Don’t get surprised if you just bumped on a couple of celebrities from Hollywood. People here are really warm and affectionate and they love to celebrate life. You could find zeal in the air the moment you step in to Ibiza. It’s definitely a big tourist hub and a lot of people come here to have a relaxing holiday by the beautiful turquoise waters.