Custom promotional products are a great way for businesses to spread their name and get new customers in the door. All of the best products have a few things in common. They are all low-cost items. They are all very useful, and they are all products that people will be looking at on a regular basis.

Illustration of Textile Banners. Vector TemplateThe Idea Behind Custom Promotional Products

As a business owner you aren’t giving away custom promotional products out of the kindness of your heart, you are doing it because you know it will bring more customers back to you later. If you are looking for a business that specializes in custom promotional products, check out Just Direct Promotions and their vast online catalogue!


Everyone loves free mugs and they’re very affordable to give out with plenty of room for customized business content. Mugs are constantly passed out and great for exposure.


Lanyards work well for the simple reason that most people don’t pay for them on their own but will happily use them if given for free. I myself have a few branded lanyards from different companies because they were free and convenient.

Can Coolers

Most people own many different can coolers and they will place them on guest cups when they have them over. Can coolers get your brand across to many different people as they are used on a day to day basis.


If it’s summertime one great way to get your company name out there is with branded frisbees as custom promotional products. Hand out a few dozen of these Frisbees and you will see them flying around in parks all over your area. People love Frisbees and usually bring one along to any outdoor parties where lots of other people will see your logo and message.

Lunch Bag

Lightweight insulated lunch bags are good custom promotional products for a few reasons. The first reason is because many people probably never bothered to buy an insulated lunch bag in the first place and will be glad to have one. The second reason is because that lunch bag will be displayed each lunch break at work and other people are going to notice what it says.

Sticky Notes

I love sticky notes and usually keep a couple pads at my desk for important reminders. Sticky notes are an affordable way to spread your company name around. Usually your logo is placed on each individual note which means it could be spread over dozens of locations at any given time.

Wall Calendar

People like to put up calendars but nobody wants to pay for one. If you are handing out free calendars it will get a place on walls at home or in offices at work. Calendars are looked at on a daily basis which means company logo and message get exposure on these custom promotional products.


The great thing about pens is that they tend to circulate more. Even though only one person starts out with your pen there is a decent chance that other people will use the pen as well.

USB Drives

Computers are a major part of most people’s lives today. USB drives or flash drives are very useful little gadgets that plenty of people carry around with them regularly and make good candidates as custom promotional products. People will happily take these little drives and each time they use them your company will get a little more exposure.

USB Car Charger

Most people charge their phones and MP3 players in their vehicles today and most use a USB car charger to accomplish this. By handing out USB car chargers with your company logo you get your name out there in something that is used daily.