The moment your parent held that tiny little creature in their hands, you were filled with joy – right? You must have felt like you got a living toy to spend your life with. Along with your mother, you also used to spend long hours in taking care of the new born hero of your home. He has always remained your best friend and this friendship started from the time when he was unable to even frame words and talk. You used to talk in his toddler language and bought the best birthday, Diwali, Holi, and rakhi gifts for him. In those days, your gifts for him used to be hardly a candy, but that inexpensive candy ushered in enough joy and peace. Time changed as he grew up and you saved your pocket money to gift him a video game on his 7th birthday. You have been doing all these because you have found your first best friend in him. A best friend who has always lived the best stories with you.

Hey Bro! You Would Always Be My First Best Friend

Well, time is such a thing which makes us move from our near and dear ones and all that is meant for good. You want your brother to be better than the rest and that’s why you have to take the pain to stay in home alone when he is away abroad for higher studies. It’s also the other way round, in fact he also missed you more than anything else, when you were away from home. Because the joy of watching TV lies more in fighting for the TV remote and arguing on varied topics rather than the program on TV.

So, here’s a list of gift ideas to make your first best friend feel extra special.

  • A collection of Ray Ban shades for him to enhance his good looks.

  • If he is a philatelist, a new collection of stamps belonging to different countries would make him very happy for sure.

  • Gift him the latest Britannica as he gears up to face the National Level Quiz Competition.

  • You can prepare a Pen Holder by yourself using thermocols, colors, card board, wool, buttons, etc. There is nothing more appealing than a hand-made gift.

  • Indulge yourself in preparing coasters using colored art papers, glue, and sketch pens for his new hostel life.

  • For your brand conscious brother, a new shirt/t-shirt from brand like Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, or Lacoste.

  • The gadget freak brother of yours is always in need of some more gadgets. This time before rakhi ask him his requirement and gift him his favorite gadget apart from buying online rakhi.

  • Just before his college excursion, you can gift him a lovely backpack.

Gifts do convey your feelings for the person you are gifting. And when it is your first best friend, i.e., your brother, you would always feel like showering the whole world to him.