The pen is the tongue of the mind

“Get more for less” seems to be the moto for the new age budget friendly writing instruments which most of the people can easily afford and use endlessly. Such are the good quality pens form reputed brands which range from Rs.10.00 to Rs.35.00 which give a brilliant performance. We are talking about your own usual roller ball pens which you have been using since forever and which always like to carry along for daily use.

Low Cost Pens: Some really good pens cost less than others of this category and surely last longer than those which cost several thousands of rupees and are referred to as “luxury writing instruments”. You may buy these once in a while and use them for rare occasions but they are definitely uncomfortable for frequent use when you need to follow your teacher and write notes, when you need to sit in a meeting and jot down important minutes or when you are scribbling down your favorite recipe from Youtube or TV. Moreover, when you write fast with those expensive pens, their nibs tend to break or gets damaged because of which they don’t remain as smooth as they should be. However, our favorite gel pens or ball point pens are best for writing fast and do not get damaged, rather they become smoother with every use.

Write Longer: Yet another advantage of the most widely used ball pens is that they last long and you don’t need to worry about changing their cartridge frequently or refilling their ink every now and then. Therefore, these pens are most popular and have an ever increasing market as most of the people find these comfortable and easy to use. Also, it gives uninterrupted performance with enhanced value for money and time and that is why is surely is the best investment in time.

Quality: Often low cost pens have low quality and hence they easily break when if they slip off the hands and fall or get hit. However, Linc pens is one of the best brands for this category which provides excellent quality budget friendly writing instruments. These can be used as and when you want without having to be highly meticulous about how to handle them and storing them delicately. This feature makes them suitable for regular use for day to day purpose.

This is why these low price pens with amazing performance have become an inevitable part of everyone’s life. No matter how rich or how poor a person is, he/she certainly uses this range of pens for ease and comfort.

Scribble, doodle and write your mind as and when you want to!!!