Chris Christie was elected as the governor of New Jersey, America in 2009 and for 2016 GOP he is again urged by many republicans to be elected as president of America. Hence he is considered as a string nominee for the presidential election in 2016. However to be a successful candidate there are lot many things he have to keep in mind regarding the services to be rendered before election.

Though two years are still left for the election but he has decided to do lot many activities before the election like achieving victory in political show chats, appearances in late night prime time TV shows, make people believe that he is the best one for GOP nomination.

Fans of Chris Christie- he has lot of support from the people of New Jersey. Political pundits say that fifty nine percent of New Jerseyites believe that he is the most deserving candidate for the president election in2016. This figure has been taken from the Rutgers-Eagleton poll taken this month.

Things to be done by Chris Christie during the two years’ time span-

• He has to work harder to maintain his political reputation and must maintain the momentum he has achieved till date. He has already come into attention during Superstorm Sandy that took place last year hence it becomes his obligation to maintain it at any risk.

• He has to prove himself as a true governor along with gaining popularity in TV shows.

• He has to achieve more legislative strategies like completing the unfinished work of cutting the state income taxes.

• He must utilize his chance to roam the country in gaining popularity by fixing meeting with the big donors in the country.

• He has to know the supporters of president Obama and must try to be comfortable with them.
• He has to know to manage the media well in advance the election. The power of media is too strong and he must use it to circulate his name and fame achieved throughout his life time.

His statement about his nomination

He says that “Voters look for authenticity” and “The smartest thing his campaign would do would be to send someone to all his town halls in New Hampshire for him to yell at,”.

Chris Christie is a smart and authentic guy that all Americans look for. So, he is the most deserving candidate for 2016 GOP candidate.