There is undoubtedly a healthy streak that people are likely to follow to be physically fit and healthy. This is where the awareness of gym equipment is coming from. Gym equipment brands are in plenty but what exactly does count when you are buying from the top brands? Obviously, their quality, durability,and diversity of the equipment do since these are mostly the beneficial aspects of buying high-quality equipment. These brands are implementing innovative design and technology to improve the quality of their product for further convenience. Amongst the many brands that there, here are a few hand-picked ones. Precor, Cybex International, Life Fitness, Star Trac are some of the international gym equipment brands that sell extensively on the market. You can find such fitness equipment in Delhi where they are sold in their respective retail stores or outlets.


This company is trying to bring in the finest of gym equipments in the market without compromising on their quality. Their goal is to spread awareness about fitness so that the world can take a healthier step towards the future. They have their own line of commercial products with fitness equipment stores. They are one of the Best Gym manufacturer in the country.

Top 4 Gym Equipment to look out for:

  1. UrbanTrekā„¢ TD-M3: This is space-saving smart fitness equipment that resembles a racing boat. Their folding storage is about 0.5 square meters with aerobic walking brisk that provides comfortable jogging. Their top speed provides you a 12km/hr. run and is powered by a 2.0 Horse Power HI Torque DC lunar motor. If you are planning to Buy Home gym equipment then this might just be a good addition on your list.


  • It has minimized effects on your joints
  • This effectively reduces stress
  • Will increase your energy levels and will provide a great experience in doing so.
  • Improves lung capacity.
  • Using this will make your body increase the density of your bones to be at par with the stress
  • This burns more calories than rowing machines or any other equipment

  1. BS-140 Home Use Group Bike: This is a biomechanically designed equipment which is passed through several tests to ensure high quality. This equipment is quite applicable to the ones who are looking for it in their home gym. This equipment is built to last and can be adjusted accordingly.


  • It provides a great cardio option which you can incorporate in your schedule
  • Strengthens your body and respiratory system
  • Will provide strength training to your lower body.
  • Burns fat and builds muscles.
  • Provides isotonic exercise.
  • Helps in weight loss since this helps burning fats in your body
  • It is a low impact and low-risk exercise and the equipment minimizes the effect it has on your joints
  • It can be picked up atmany
  • Improves joint mobility

  1. GH-135 Home Gym: This is a slack machine which has a single weight slot and is designed for home gym facilities where the users can perform with comfort and is very affordable too. This equipment is offering various kinds of benefits which mostly helps in building muscles and garner endurance.


  • This minimizes your effort to go to an actual gym and saves a lot of your time.
  • It is convenient to be used in your home
  • Fewer distractions since this will help you in organizing your workout pattern
  • These are cost-optimized
  • Gyms can have germ infestation all over but with a home gym, such hygiene can be maintained.

  1. EH-200 Double Burner: Getting in shape has never been easier since this equipment invigorates workout for your entire body. This equipment has been made using cutting edge technology and has a compact footprint that can be passed off as an essential addition to your home gym set-up.


  • The LCD display provides better interactivity
  • Micro-adjustable
  • It has comfortable Anti-slip pedals which stops occasional accidents
  • It can be moved around easily
  • Has adjustable seats to help you exercise
  • Its micro adjustable tension control minimizes effects on your joints
  • The LCD display also monitors your heart rate
  • Can be used either as an elliptical cross trainer or an exercise bike.

All of these above products can be a healthy addition to your home gym set-up. So go ahead and take a few steps towards a healthy and fit life!