It sometimes seems like the final weeks of pregnancy will never arrive, but once they do, there are a few signs that show your delivery is near. This is a time when you can begin the final preparations for the baby, making sure all of the furniture is in place and that you have a bag ready to take to the hospital. By paying attention to the body, you will be able to deliver a healthy baby without many complications, if any at all.

Weight Gain

The final few weeks is when the baby will put on more weight, which will lead to you gaining more weight in the process. You might notice that the stomach is rounder in certain areas as the baby begins to move into a position suitable for delivery. The stomach could look lower as the baby shifts toward the birth canal.

Increased Appetite

You’re going to need extra calories in order to get through labor and delivery. The body prepares for this by desiring more foods. Enjoy items that have a high protein content as well as fruits and vegetables as these are healthy for you and the baby. Water should be on the list as well as there will be a loss of fluids during delivery, and you might find that you are urinating more often.


Although this isn’t a change in the body, you will likely begin having concerns over some of the birth injuries that could occur or some of the complications that might arise during delivery. One of the common injuries is shoulder dystocia. This is when the shoulders get stuck in the birth canal. It could cause a lack of oxygen to the baby as the cord could be wrapped around the shoulders or create a crack in the clavicle. Reduced blood flow is also a concern if there is a knot in the umbilical cord or if the baby isn’t receiving enough oxygen during labor. Cerebral palsy can occur if there is a lack of oxygen as well or if there is trauma during the delivery process. If there is a concern that birth injuries were resultant of inadequate care, talking to a legal expert might be helpful. For instance, a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer knows what it takes to build a strong birth injury case. You should always pay attention to how you or your loved ones are being taken care of when having a baby.

Aches and Pains

Pain in the back is common during the final weeks of pregnancy. This can sometimes be a sign of labor beginning as contractions can sometimes be felt in the back instead of the stomach. You will likely feel pains in the stomach as Braxton Hicks contractions begin. If you notice any regularity with contractions, you should go to the hospital to be examined to see if you are in labor.

As you prepare for the arrival of your baby, there are a few changes that you might notice during the final weeks of being pregnant. These changes are normal and are simply getting the body ready for the delivery. From added weight, to pains that don’t seem to go away, these are all signs that your baby will soon be in your arms.