Accessing any public or private property without consent is never a good idea. Making this mistake can lead you to many legal troubles include fine, jail or both. To avoid such complications, there are certain guidelines to access private and public property. If you ever need to step onto someone else’s property, then make sure you follow the guidelines that are shared below.

Get consent:

The owner has all the rights to enter in their property. But if you do not own a property and want to enter there, then taking consent is always the best idea.  If needed, take written consent  to avoid any future problems. Also, ask for the detailed permission so that no one can raise any issue about it later.

Don’t assume permissions

Having permission to access a property does not mean you have the right pn anything and everything there. That means if there is an invitation for interview in porch area, then it means you can access only the porch area. In case, you need to access other areas in the house then you need to take extra permission for that.

Do not lie for permission

Sometimes people lie or hide their identity to get the consent or permission to access a property. This is not a wise idea and it is the violation of the law. If you think accessing a property can offer greater value to masses, then you can get permission legally.  With the help of condemnation eminent domain, it is easy to get consent for same. For this, you just need to contact an eminent domain lawyer and he will take all the necessary steps for this.

Always have it on record

Verbal consent is easy to get but that is not always safe and effective. Whenever it is possible, one should get the approval on the documents. This is essential in case of a photograph, audio recording or video recording. In the case of debate, this simple tip avoids many legal troubles. The court always favors the person who has a written consent for the action.

Respect the permission

This is essential that one should not abuse the consent or authorization in any manner. For example, if you get the approval to access the backyard or porch then you should stick with this area only. You should not try to go to other areas of the house or any property for your own benefit. Making this mistake is simply voiding the consent and that may not be a good decision by you.


You should understand that it is not always easy and straightforward to get the consent. You may instantly get a yes from the property owner or may get a straight no.  If your requirement to access the property comes under the condemnation eminent domain, then you can use this method to get consent. But if this is not the situation, you have to skip the idea.