Golf fanatics are forever in search of new ways to improve their game. While you can read up on technique and practice at the driving range all day, some golfers want a shortcut. There is actually a lot of great golf technology that can help you take your game to the next level. Here’s a list of some of the best options.

Golf Pros: Technology That Can Take Your Club To The Next Level

1. Golf Swing Sensor

One very cool gadget that certainly help you improve your game is something known as GolfSense. GolfSense is a little sensor can be clipped directly onto your golf glove. The sensor records information about your golf swing and sends it directly to an app that can be used with both Android and Apple phones and tablets.

The information that is sent to the app will create a rendering of your actual golf swing in 3D. This even includes how you twist your wrist during your swing as well as your posture with your club. It’s one thing to try to dissect your golf swing in your own head. It’s another thing to be able to examine a 3D rendering to pin point exactly how your swing can be improved.

2. Golf Software

There are also plenty of great golf software suites. One good example of quality golf software is available from ForeUp. ForeUp publishes a number of programs that allow course owners to do a multitude of different tasks regarding managing a golf course including setting up tee times, performing online booking and sending confirmation e-mails. The software is loaded through the cloud. So you won’t have to download or install it. It can be used both on smart phones and tablets.

3. Laser Rangefinder

Another gadget you may want to invest in is a rangefinder. A rangefinder is a device that can be used to determine the distance between the user and a specific target. Rangefinders have been used in a wide array of different applications since 1916. Today’s golf rangefinders, however, are a lot more advanced. The Leupold RX-600i, for example, uses an infrared laser to measure the distance from the golfer to the hole with accuracy of up to 500 feet.

Overall, tools like the ones listed above can certainly help you improve your golf game or your golf course. Use them if you can. Others certainly will. You need to get every advantage you can.