Business-Branding-uniforms-pink-Hello-Kitty[1]Everyone deserves an aesthetically pleasing work space.  If a work space is well thought out as well as decorated, it will keep traffic patterns at bay as well as mitigating visual stress from employees and visitors.  A strategically laid out and decorated space not only sends a clear message about your company brand, but also will improve productivity and staff morale.

Wall Colors

Major changes to the light, mood, and the aesthetic feel of a space can be made by changing the walls.  This includes choice of color to make a space seem airier or warmer, or homier just by changing the shade of the color used.  Choice of color itself can send a message.  Warm colors like yellow, orange, red, warm shades of off white, beige, and brown send an inviting message.  Shades of blue and green make people feel calm or composed. Before painting a wall in your office, it is imperative to consider the type of message and feel you are trying to convey about your company.

Texturing and Images

Texture on walls can also send a just as powerful of a message.  Wall graphics and décor/ art have become commonplace in offices across the world.  Where pictures, paintings, or posters were once popular, wall graphics now create centers of interest, conversation pieces, and do the heavy lifting in setting the tone for your space.

In a twist on this theme, some walls are left open for visitors to paint or design.  They are left for others to appreciate for a time and then painted over so a fresh graffiti surface awaits the next graffiti artist.  This is particularly popular in pediatric wards, office of pediatricians, and dentist’s offices that cater to children.Wall graphics can be purchased in the same manner as wallpaper or designed the same way murals are by artists.


Another area in which office space can be updated quickly is in the selection of objects d’art.An easy and unusual way to give existing objects an exciting new look is called substrate.  The surface of an existing object—or substrate—can be on a variety of mediums in order to make the ordinary art on your walls come alive. From canvas to backlighting, give your office art the attention it deserves by placing it on a different medium than your standard photo.


Another quick, inexpensive, yet dramatic change can be made by altering the signage in your office space.  Using a variety of materials like glass, wood, aluminum, or acrylics can project a specific image for your business.  Frosting has taken on a new and artsy look thanks to improved materials and techniques.  Some of the most popular forms of frosting include paint-filling in custom, metallic and even metallic PMS colors, frosting on surfaces like starfire glass, or jade glass, reverse frosting in which the part that is frosted is the background not the foreground, adding edge-lit LED illumination to add a sophisticated touch; frosted glass framed by metal rails or stand-off hinges or catches; flame-polished frosting or beveled edges on the frosted piece.Etching or frosting on glass in your lobby, on your office door or on room dividers can create the feel of light and space yet offer the feel of privacy.


With simple techniques like painting, adding texture, wall graphics,wall art and substrates, and frosted signage, you can transform your office increasing privacy, warmth, tone, serenity, or fun in the space where you work.  Your employees, service people, and clients spend significant time in your work space.  Make the time enjoyable with a few dramatic yet simple and unique strategies.