Whether by coincidence, circumstance, or choice, there are many modern women traveling the world all on their lonesome. Unfortunately, it can be rather difficult to be a lady traveler – if a woman is touring unfamiliar areas, many people will treat her with a level of suspicion or, even worse, pity.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be all stumbles and road blocks – it’s not unenjoyable to travel on your own, nor should you try to avoid it. Here are a few ways you can have fun every step of your trip.

1.  If you’re a first time traveler, try to stick to areas where it won’t be strange for the natives to see a lady alone. You’ll get less pointed remarks, and feel less abnormal as you see the sights. Once you get your traveler’s legs, try heading for more adventurous locations, like rural areas in South America, Africa, and the Far East. If you do head for those areas, be prepared to deal with questions about why you don’t have a partner or husband!

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2.  Develop a response to the eternal question: “Why are you traveling alone?” Even in Westernized areas of the world, you’re going to get this question a lot. Drawing up a response before the question is asked will make sure you’re not caught off-guard or bothered by the question. Be ready to respond to those romantically inclined folks who might want to accompany you on your trip.

3.  Go with your gut. Feel unsafe? You should leave where you are. Getting weird vibes from the guy in the pub? Don’t talk to him just to be courteous. Not comfortable walking out at night on your own? Head back to your hotel/apartment. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you should ignore all the things you would do at home to keep yourself safe. Know when it’s ok to travel outside of your comfort zone, and when the alarm bells in your head are telling you of potential danger.

4.Consider traveling with a pre-planned vacation package. Plenty of companies are designed with the single, female traveler in mind – you’ll have a buddy to come pick you up from the airport, take you to your hotel of choice, and even lead you personally to intriguing destinations they know you’ll enjoy. Pick a plan (and company) that caters to your needs: some companies act more like a taxi service, picking you up and dropping you off, while others give you a personal guide to be your companion and answer your questions. Many of these tour packages are centered around certain themes – from Shakespeare and Beatrix Potter, to daunting castles, you can pick and choose based on your interests.

5.  Remember this – being alone can be… and is… fun. Don’t let the worries of others get you down – not every stop along your way is a haven for killers and rapists. Just because you’re traveling alone doesn’t mean you’re out on some mournful quest to re-identify and reformat yourself, either. When you start to fear or doubt, remember that you’re just in as much (or as little) danger on the road as you are at home. Out here, however, you’re having a lot more fun!

 Everyone should travel alone at least once in their life – it offers deep insight, fantastic adventures, and is a great ego booster! If you’re the only one who wants to go on your trip, don’t be scared, nervous, or reserved – simply plan ahead, know your limits, and chart a course for a great time.

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