The University of Hong Kong, or HKU, is located in one of the greatest cities in the world. Consistently ranked amongst the top 50 best universities in the world by Times Higher Education, HKU is considered the most prestigious school in Hong Kong with one of the best postgraduate schools in Asia.


Hong Kong is like no other city where East meets West; with a modern mix of business, food, finance, art, and culture. The reputation, prestige, and quality of education at HKU attracts the brightest students locally and from around the globe for its masters programmes. According to recent university numbers, the total student body is composed of nearly 50% masters’ students. HKU offers a wide variety course majors, including but not limited to the subjects of architecture, social services, law, fine arts, and business administration.

With so many different backgrounds that gather under one university, English is the preferred language of instruction in all of the HKU master programmes. Don’t be fooled though. English may be the preferred language of instruction, but it may not even be the first or third language of the professors or students work or study at HKU.

Networking plays a large role in how people find employment today. Hong Kong provides a unique backdrop for HKU master students, allowing for global exposure and plenty of access to local and international networks and opportunities without straying far from campus. Any MBA student or business professional will tell you that networking is key to their success in finding employment and building relationships for other business ventures and opportunities down the road. This access to networking, alongside the education provided at HKU, are some of the many reasons why HKU is considered a top business school.

As a gateway into Asia for business, Hong Kong is also a major media hub. It’s no surprise that journalists and major news networks and publications from around the world use Hong Kong as their base in Asia. HKU’s journalism programme is highly acclaimed and offers many internships during and after graduation with news groups such as CNN, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, and Thomson Reuters. In 2010, the HKU journalism masters’ programme partnered with ABC News to provide real world experience for aspiring journalists with The Roving Reporter, where students had the opportunity to put together stories in Hong Kong and Asia for ABC News.

For those with a science or medical related field, the HKU master programmes in science and medicine are known for their research achievements. Unlike many Western schools, HKU receives healthy funding from the government for research. With state of the art facilities in this research-led institution, many firsts have come from HKU, including the first team to identify the SARS contra virus in 2003 and the first to perform a combined liver and heart transplant in 2010.

Accommodation in Hong Kong may be hard to find and extremely expensive, especially on a student budget. It is highly recommended that you look into student housing. HKU residences are priced competitively with the Hong Kong housing market and students can rent furnished dorms or flats throughout Hong Kong Island. As an HKU master programme student, there are dedicated student housing in graduate only buildings or in larger residences split at a 3:1 ratio of undergraduates and graduates.

Gaining the competitive edge in this fast paced world is important. Get ahead of pack and consider HKU master programmes to further yourself and job potential.