In this technological era, people who can install, repair and use high-tech equipment are in demand. Here are a few of the best college degrees that are perfect for nerds who want to succeed.

Tech Nerds: The 5 Best College Degrees for You

1. Computer Science

Online sources indicate that studying computer science can be tricky because educational programs associated with technology must advance and change in order to keep up with the industry itself. Nevertheless, a computer science program at a good school will feature broad enough parameters that a graduate will have numerous options after graduating. Options include technical software and hardware applications development.

2. Security

Some people take issue with technology because of the negative impact it can have on their own personal security. As cutting edge technology works its way into creeps even further into our everyday life, the world will need people to help keep information secure. Be it web-based or network, sensitive data needs to be kept out of the hands of unscrupulous outsiders. If you want to enforce this security, get a degree in information systems or network security.

3. Telecommunications

With a degree in telecommunications, you will make sure that the world continues to communicate via radio, television and the internet. This is the perfect degree for people who love the arts and entertainment industry but aren’t performers. As mainstream media and communications convert to more modern mediums, the focus will be increasingly on digital technology. You can help make the transitions to these new technologies successful.

4. Web Design and Development

The more creative tech lovers may lean more towards web design while the programmers may prefer development. Both web career emphases will have you dealing with tech and media applications that others don’t understand. Your work will be seen by millions of people and will also be essential to the overall objectives of many modern day businesses for some time to come.

5. Technology Management

As we continue to transition from the industrial age to the information age, there is an increasing need for people who can innovate and motivate as this change takes place. If you can learn both the tech skills and how to lead, then this is the field for you. You can learn how to both create new systems and guide the team to take businesses into the next century.

A Future Possibility

Are you looking to hedge your bets? If you’re more of a tech geek and less the creative type, you may wish to also pursue a master’s degree in electrical engineering. Online sources indicate that the little you would spend to obtain a master’s of electrical engineering would more than likely pay for itself within a two year period because of the increased salary.

So there you have it. Now you know the top five college degrees for tech nerds and advice for the future. Think hard and choose wisely.