The internet has transformed the way in which goods are bought and sold. Just a decade ago, the only way to buy goods was to visit a shop or look at a newspaper. Selling your Rolex watch for cash is now incredibly easy and convenient when capital is needed immediately. If you haven’t decided to sell your Rolex watch for cash before, here are some of the many ways in which this can happen:


Classified advertisement website

Similar to a newspaper, a classified advertisement website can have listings for many goods, such as Rolex watches. Many classified advertisement websites, such as Gumtree, enable web users to post adverts for free. As it can be accessed around the world, a listing for a Rolex watch can be seen by anyone. By putting a Rolex listing in popular categories, there is a strong chance that it can be sold for the right price. The preferred payment method can also be stated on a listing. So, when a Rolex owner wants to be paid by cash, they can declare it in a listing.

When selling a Rolex watch on a classified advertisement website, provide as much information about it as possible. Along with a serial number, an owner must say if they have a Certificate of Authenticity. When this information is on a listing, more people can contact a Rolex owner because it seems like a very attractive item. Photographs of a Rolex watch can also be uploaded. When potential buyers are able to look at a Rolex watch, there can be more interest in it.

Quote service

A Rolex owner doesn’t have to post a listing on a classified advertisement website because there are other options, such as a site that offers quotes. Information about a Rolex watch has to be entered onto a form. Along with a serial number and if an owner has a Certificate of Authenticity, specifications also have to be provided such as what colour its case is. An asking price can also be entered. Once a Rolex watch has been sent, it will be assessed. A quote can be given to its owner but they don’t have to accept it. When a quote is refused, it will be returned. On the other hand, if a quote is accepted, funds for it can be processed very quickly. Actually, money can be transferred into a bank account on the same day that a quote is accepted.

Internet auction site

When a Rolex watch is sold on such internet auction sites as EBay and Amazon, payment can be processed via PayPal and then transferred into a bank account instantly. Before selling a Rolex watch on EBay, set a Reserve Price. This is because it won’t be sold for less than what it’s worth. As a ‘Buy It Now’ option can be selected on EBay, it couldn’t be any easier to sell your Rolex watch for cash on this website. In fact, the Reserve Price can be met just hours after a listing for a Rolex watch has been posted.

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