If you are taking piracetm capsules or powder, then it would better for you to stack it with choline. According to the latest studies, it has been proved that Piracetam alone is very effective and thousands of users are getting the same benefit. You can add choline as it can increase the piracetam potency result in becoming more effective. It can also help in counteracting the headaches which are sometimes related with Piracetam. If you really want to observe more increases in your memory capacity, learning capability, reasoning skills, attention span, and energy level, then you should add choline to Piracetam in a stack which would be a great combination.

Get The Right Piracetam Dosage

At the time of stacking choline with your piracetam, there are mainly three choices; Alpha GPC, choline bitartate and Citicoline. It would be vital for you to find the right dose of Piracetam before selecting the right doses for the Piracetam Choline stack. If you have not found the right dose of both ingredients, you wouldn’t get the excepted results which you are really looking for. Some uses are getting the results by using only a low dose of Piracetam and others are not taking enough of this nootropic to achieve the desired results.

You should take doses between 9.6 and 20 grams each day and you would get the best results easily. You should not take 20 grams a day as it wouldn’t be good for your health. Many people are taking between 800mg and 1600mg per day on the average basis.

According to the research, it has been proved that the low doses are only providing minimal or no results to all but the sensitive users. The highly recommended dose is 4-5 grams per day split between 2-3 doses throughout the day. You can take piracteram more than two times a day as it is recommended because of the short half life and fast action of the drug.

You should consider waiting a few weeks to adjust to the nootropic before stacking choline with your piracetam to get your ideal dose and to see the possible effects. It gives the Piracetam time to notice in your system where it has got maximum cognitive enhancement. Piracetam works by regulating the glutamate receptors and brain’s acetylcholine. You can see some fast results by taking piracetam, but it would be a fraction of the full results which you would see after couple of weeks.

Some choline is available in the brain foods and also in the food we eat. There are many foods which are good sources of choline such as fish and eggs. Unfortunately, half of the population is still choline deficient. The deficiency is a result of high stress levels, poor diet and lack of exercise among other factors. Stacking choline with your Piracteram would help to ensure that you have enough acetylcholine to meet the demand and get the best results from the Piracetam.