Every living organism on earth – not just man alone – is crazy about sex. However, sex or ultimate physical intimacy between two individuals does not lead to pleasure and happiness on all occasions. There are many instances where sexual pleasure has unfortunately lead to horrible sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. According to a rough estimation provided by World Health Organisation or WHO, near about 1 million people succumb to various kinds of STDs the world over every single day. Unfortunately, this problem is snowballing fast, affecting an increasing number of people from all ages in London.

A Brief Introduction To STD Symptoms and Threats

In this circumstance, experts at a leading STD testing clinic in the city are stressing on raising awareness among the young generation to stay safe from the diseases. Read on to know some factual information about STDs.

Spreading of the Diseases

STDs spread mostly through sexual intimacy, including kissing. However, physical intimacy is not your only mode of contact with these maladies. It can even spread from mother to her foetus. Even intravenous needles and blood transfusion are two major factors the lead to this range of diseases.  These diseases spread virally and it is really difficult to avoid from these for people who have an active sex life.


Symnptoms for different STDs are different, but there are certain common factors that usually affect almost every patient. These include:

  • Reddish skin and itching in your genital areas
  • Sesnsation of pain and inconvenince during sexual intercourse and urination
  • Appearance of rashes, pimples and ulcers in the genital portions, as well as in hands and mouth

In extreme cases, you may even experince abnormal discharge from your penis or vagina. If you come across any of these symptoms ever, rush to clinics to get STD tested.

The Real Danger

The most severe fact about STDs are these can be asymptomatic, i.e. you can be unknowlingly affected by an infection and it gets passed on to your sexual partner(s). There is no fixed time frame by which the symptoms of STDs will appear on an affected individual. You may detect the symptoms within 48 hours of being infected or it can take months at stretch as well for those to surface. Actually, symptoms for different STDs appear within different time frames.

Unprotected Sex and STDs

Any form of unprotected sex, be it conventional, oral or anal, has the risk of spreading STDs. According to local private doctors in London, who attend patients visiting a GUM clinic for STD testing, condoms and other contraceptives are incapable to provide enough immunity from these diseases. As such, anal sex is the most common factor that leads to these diseases.

You can go to you GP to treat these diseases. However, in extreme cases, he or she may refer you to a venereologist or a specialist docttor for STDs.