With the increase in work pressures every day and the busy and hectic schedule of parents has made it difficult for them to spend quality time with their children. But the most important thing is maintain balance in your daily lives along with your work and family. Start working over it today and get involved with different fun filled activities with your kids. Getting your kids involved with you will also improve relationship your relationship with kids and family.

Get along with your childUnderstanding the child

It is always essential to understand what the child wants or what is it that he/ she enjoy. This would help you to give him little tasks which will keep his involvement with the parents more. Give kids small and easy to handle tasks such as helping with clothes, keeping plates on the table while dining etc. This makes them feel wanted and also is able to spend time with their parents. After any task, be it small or big; make it a habit to appreciate the child. This way he would feel good and would like to be involved with you again.

Treat the child like an adult

This is the part that children love the most. They like being treated like adults. It makes them feel responsible. When discussing petty issues about home, try to involve the child. You should also listen to want his views are and what are the suggestions he would like to give. This would make him responsible in the long run.

Fun filled activities

There is no age to enjoy and have fun. Especially with kids, as the saying goes everyone around also becomes kid. So try to get involved in as many activities you can with your children. If there is any activity the child is pursuing at school and enjoys it, make an endeavour to make him enjoy at home as well. Even in cases of studying, you can teach by the method of activities. This way he would start enjoying study and his interest will increase over time. So it’s a completely win – win situation.

Involvement in daily chores

Start giving children work related to their age. If a child is of two – three years, tell him to look after small things at home. If the child is nine or ten years of age, he can do the work of looking after the pet. This will make him responsible and it will inculcate a feeling of care and love in him. You can give other small tasks like making their bag for school; take care of their toys and other belongings. Children of five years and above should be given the responsibility of taking care of their room. They should make an attempt to not dirty their rooms or create any mess in it. to encourage them initially you can also keep small prizes and gifts, such as a chocolate bar or pencil box for the one who would maintain their room neat and clean for the entire month.