If one-too-many relatives have asked you, “So! Are you dating yet?” then this article is for you. For whatever reason, the baby boomers are skeptical about the single life. As far as they’re concerned, to be happy, you need a spouse and babies.

You know that isn’t the case, but sometimes it can be hard to wrap your finger around why the single life is so good. If you need a quick list supporting, “Actually, I’m happy just where I am,” then take a look at the following truths.

You Control Your Mess

If you’re messy by nature, dating usually means you have to pick up after yourself. (No one should see your laundry mound on the third date.) If you love everything as neat as a pin, then you might have frustration in any long-term relationship: clothes on the floor, toothpaste cap left off, dishes on the counter. Being able to control your own mess levels = peace and quiet.

You Can Experiment with Life

When you’re in a serious relationship, you’re part of a unit, and you need to make decisions that benefit both of you. You might need to work heavier hours or a more responsibility-heavy job to make ends meet. When you’re single, you might share rent with four roommates instead of one or worry less about savings (even though you really should be saving). You can work jobs you love: part-time at the zoo, in a coffee shop, or teaching after-school classes. Your finances aren’t as much of a concern, so you can do more of what you want.

You’re In Control of Your Finances

When you’re dating, it’s expensive. When you’re married, you both have to get serious about your finances, and any spending spree doesn’t hurt just you: it hurts you and your spouse. You’re no longer free to make free-spirited financial decisions when you’re in a relationship, but when you’re single, you can enjoy online gambling with a Golden Nugget Online Casino bonus code, start your game for free, and risk a bit of cash as you go, guilt-free.

You Can Travel Anywhere You Want

It’s more expensive to travel with two people on the same bank account. Significant others can sometimes get squirmy about hostels and other traveling risks as well, but when you’re single, you can travel anywhere you want, any way you want. Your personal work schedule is the only concern, so you can head to Europe any time you give yourself the green light.

You Have Time for Yourself

The best thing about being single, hands down, is the time you have for yourself. You’re not sharing a schedule nor devoting most of your free hours to a mate. You have all the time you want for friends, hobbies, travel, work, and anything else you want to fill your time with. You’re also able to focus on your own needs and growth and develop into the person you want to be. If you get settled too soon with a partner, you might have trouble figuring out who you really are as an individual. Being single lets you enjoy the company of an amazing person: you.