Owning an enclosed patio is often the focal point of your home. It’s the place where family and friends gather and where many a summer night is spent in peace and quiet. Unfortunately, due to flying insects during the summer and the cold of winter months; your enclosed patio simply does not get used. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use your enclosed patio anytime you want without any distractions from insects or weather? Enclosed patios with retractable screens give you year round use of your patio and fun for all seasons.

Where can Retractable Screens be Installed?

Retractable screens can be installed quite easily and sized for any doorway no matter what the size or how many window areas you need covered. The cost to maintain the screens and motorized systems is quite minimal and comparable with a garage door opener. For use with enclosed patios, you would simply need to know the size of the area or areas you need covered and whether or not you wish to install them or have them professionally installed. They can even be operated via remote just like the garage door opener.


What are the benefits of Owning Enclosed Patios with Retractable Screens?

Owning a patio with retractable screens has several benefits not only in esthetic value to your home but also to the resale value as well. Couple this with the many benefits to those living in the home and you get a winning combination of all-seasons comfort and great value for money spent. Benefits to people in the home include the following:

  • A great playroom for children during any season and on rainy days when they would otherwise be in the house or outside exposed to the hot sun or winter weather.

  • An all season gathering place for family and friends. Since the screens allow for air flow in and out this means you can host the football BBQ even in rainy weather or during winter months. During summer months, you can host parties without uninvited guests such as flying insects. No more need for citronella candles or spray repellant.

  • An ideal place for daytime reading without the direct sunlight or nighttime relaxation without being directly outside.

  • A great place for pets during bad weather so they do not go outside in direct weather or make messes indoors.

  • An excellent solution for communities where bylaws or homeowners associations do not allow a permanent screened enclosure around the home.

How does one Buy or have a Retractable Screen Installed?

There are many contractors who specify in installing retractable screens for enclosed patios and prices for installation vary from state to state. If you wish to install this device yourself, they can be special ordered at many of the larger home improvement stores as long as you know the dimensions of the area or areas you need covered. Installation is actually quite easy and can be done with minimal tools involved although a powered drill is recommended for ease of installation. Installing the remote operated screen opener/closer is similar to installing a doorbell and the remote is programmed likewise. For those having the retractable screens professionally installed most installations take only a few hours to less than a day and the system can be used the same day it is installed.

In Conclusion:

Owning an enclosed patio with retractable screens gives you great use of space that would otherwise be unused for several days to months out of the year due to weather or seasonal temperatures. Give your enclosed porch all season use with retractable screens and create a place outside the home that feels more like inside the home.

James was a Millworks department manager and assistant manager for five years working at Home Depot. His passion for the newest creations in door and window treatments including enclosed patios with retractable door screens has helped him create solutions for many valued customers during his employment in the field.