Do you really have to move to one of the New Zealand’s Hobbit holes to go green with your home? The emerging trend in the last decade is the use of shipping containers when building rooms, homes, and offices worldwide. These are convenient and environmentally friendly, and what is more, they are also flood- and fireproof, making them safer than you would have guessed. Nevertheless, before you make up our mind to get yourself such a home, there are a few things to consider.

Things To Know Before Getting A Container Home

Get Informed

Being informed is a priority when preparing to get your own shipping container home. You should find out as much as you can about shipping containers in general: dimensions, different types and their specifications, what they were used to ship, and what transport was used: planes, ships, or trains. In addition, it is important that you actually see the container you wish to buy before you pay for it. Sometimes you will be able to notice some small damage and marks you would otherwise overlook (even on a photograph it is difficult to see the right condition of a container).

Things To Know Before Getting A Container Home

Insulation is Important

No matter where you are going to have your new home built, you want it protected and safe from poor weather, cold, and extreme heat. Insulation is incredibly important no matter where you live; you want the temperature at a pleasant level, not too hot in the summer, and not freezing in the winter. You should not use traditional insulation – fiberglass or wool, as you will end up with too much condensation and water on the inside of the walls which can lead to corrosion. Spray on insulation or even eco-friendly solution in form of egg cartons are both great choices for container homes. Pro tip – a garden on top of your container home can also be a form of insulation and look amazing at the same time.

Get to Know your Country’s Building Code

Building codes differ from country to country, so Australia, Denmark, and Arizona will all have different rules for building container homes. Every country has its own rules and standards, and climate along with regulations has a huge impact on the final appearance of your home. More rain means a better paint job on the outside, strong winds require additional support, and countries that struggle with draught will have specific fire regulations. You should examine all these rules and regulations methodically before your actually start building.

Things To Know Before Getting A Container Home

Find the Right Contractor

Of course, you only want the best, so finding the right container provider and the right contractor to build and design your home is something you should give a lot of thought. However, dealing with several contractors can significantly complicate the process, so why not find the one who can do all at once: provide the containers, modify them, and finish out the interior? This way, you will have less things on your mind, and less paperwork to worry about. Moreover, once you and your contractor get to know each other, explaining what you want to one person will be a whole lot easier than repeating it over and over to two or three different people.

Shipping container homes are still rather a new thing, but their popularity is increasing as more and more people begin to realize just how cheap and convenient they are. Of course, if you decide to go through with your decision to own one, you will face many challenges and obstacles; but when you eventually manage to deal with all of them, you will be left with your dream home.