With high house prices and a demand for inner-city living, more young professionals are renting than ever, but urban flats require a really space efficient layout to get in all the gadgets without overcrowding the room and creating a stressful environment. It’s important to keep the living space stress-free to combat the rat race everyone faces at the beginning of their career. Here are a few ways to enhance a bedroom for a young adult who needs to think about space:

City Colours

Keep a contemporary urban feel in your bedroom with a scale of grey shades. A mix of light and dark will add a soothing modern touch, and will look great if you add some graffiti art prints on them. Don’t put too much dark in, or the room might look gloomy, especially if there’s no light. If you did want to add a dash of colour, go for something really bold, but only a small amount. Think along the lines of Sin City, but slightly less macabre. It will look fantastic.


If you want something even more adventurous, find an artist that will paint you a cityscape across the whole bedroom wall. It won’t be as expensive as you think, and the hint of a bigger place will trick your brain into thinking the room is more grand. The silhouette of the city you live in or detailed panorama of the one you wish you were in is a subtle way of improving the city feel.

Let your Furniture Multitask 

It’s 2013. A phone stopped being just a phone years ago, so apply that logic to your bedroom furniture too. If there’s not much time to spend in the living room then a TV bed is really useful and space efficient. The range of TV beds at Bedroom World is a good example and there’s space to hook up a Skybox or console if there is ever time for a weekend lie-in.

Another handy option is to look for wardrobe/shelf combos so you can combine your shoes, shirt and books in the same place. Lots of them are ceiling height, which is really useful for making the most of a wall.

Out with the Old and Out with the Old – No, really. Out with the Old

One of the biggest and least useful bulks of stuff is your old clothes. If they don’t fit, or last seasons’ shirts were a bit out there, get rid. You’ll feel the benefits every time you come home. The main thing about managing your own space is cutting out clutter, and you can even bump up your moral point by donating the clothes to a charity shop to help you sleep easier.

Try making some of these changes and you will soon notice the difference they can make to an urban bedroom space. Once the basics are done you can add little tweaks in to make sure it really feels like your own.