Yes, technology understands no boundaries.  The simple, visor-clasped garage door openers we all own today will most likely not exist a few short years into the future.  Technology is sprinting full-speed ahead with sophisticated ideas and advanced insights from ‘brainiacs’ who know how to use technology to alter the world in ways that make our lives easier to manage or just plain fun.


Internet, Apps And Smartphones:

Garage door manufacturers are paving the way with technological advances that even the most scrutinizing of individuals would find impressive.  The Consumer Electronics Show of 2012 revealed an inventive product, namely a garage door opener, which has the capability to connect to the Internet,  allowing anyone to open and close their garage door using computer technology.   Additionally, an available App permits one to operate their garage door—–from anywhere in the world!  A dual component also allows one to turn the garage lights (and house lights) on or off, at will, without being at home to do it.

A variety of platforms can be utilized for internet-controlled garage doors, whether one has Apple devices, Android devices, or Blackberries; it doesn’t matter, they all work and they all have App-applied technology for garage-door control.   In addition, there is a mobile web application that makes it possible to remotely access all the controls through a web browser.  This approach has its own advantages, especially, if one owns a Windows Phone since the Windows Phone platform does not have an available App.

It’s absolutely child’s play in that opening or closing the garage door requires the push of a single button on one’s compatible phone or device.  Confirmation of the garage door’s operation and status will be clearly indicated via the phone’s App.   As if that’s not cool enough, the App can inform the homeowner how long the door might have been opened or closed during any particular timeframe of the day or evening.

Radio Frequency Genius:

The technology built into these advanced garage-door openers uses simple radio frequency.  A small transmitter plugs into one’s home router over hard-wired Ethernet.  That transmitter then wirelessly exchanges the signals with the garage door opener which has its own radio.

Then, the downloadable garage-door App running on one’s smart device, communicates directly with the home router-mounted remote; and you have a connection that you control as you see fit.    These Apps can work from anywhere in the world as long as there is a viable Internet connection.

What’ll they think of next?

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