Lapa a little device that gives you a chance to track your things, discover them when they’re lost and keep a tab on them through your iPhone. Utilize Lapa to discover stuffs like pet, laptop, tabs, bags, pendrives, or anything that you need, including tablet and smart phone that connected with Lapa.

Lapa - A Little Device That Gives You A Chance To Track Your Things

Lapa is less difficult and effective by being more open and having no constraints. A lama is not only an objects discoverer, but more than a tracker.


Replaceable Battery 140mAh

Works up to 200FT

1 Year Battery Life

Water Proof

Supports Bluetooth 4.0

Lapa - A Little Device That Gives You A Chance To Track Your Things

Features and Advantages of Lapa

  • Lapa accompanies a free application for your iPhone (and Android with Bluetooth 4.0 support). This application will help you keep a tab on all the Lapa’s you utilize. Along these lines, you will never lose your pet or the TV remote again.
  • Lapa is a little gadget that can be stuck on an assortment of things. You can stick a Lapa on your TV remote, on your pet’s restraint, on your baggage when you’re going, on a tablet/iPad and so on.
  • Following helpers are through sound(beep), by means of maps, and through alarms. For example, when you’ve labeled a Lapa to your sack and you’re leaving the place without bringing it with you, the Lapa application will alarm you! Entirely cool, huh?
  • Additionally, Lapa’s “Open up to the world” component (a moderately new element for an application of this sort) mingles following things which helps clients discover lost/lost things through other Lapa clients who’re close-by your protest.
  • It comes in small size and three colours

Lapa App

Simple UI, which makes the operaion so easy

Well Designed and freely available

Available for both iOS and Android

Click on bell symbol to find your lost device

Share with Family and Friends so they can also track

If you forget the tagged object laps will alert you, that’s the best part of it.

You can also track your lapa from other lapa user, sound more cool right?!


What sets Lapa’s following gadget over whatever remains of this swarmed field is that it is stun safe, waterproof and worked to endure forever. It likewise highlights an exceptionally advantageous replaceable battery.

With the very easy to understand Lapa App, you can perceive that you are so near lost articles, make Lapa ring and light up so they can be effortlessly found, and be alarmed each time you get isolated from your things. The same occurs backward, that is, whether you lose your telephone rather than a question.