Culinary traditions in Langkawi are represented by original and interesting mix of Chinese, Indian and Thai food traditions. There are many specialty restaurants, where you can try something unusual from national kitchen. At the same time, you can often meet special gastronomy establishments, where European dishes are mostly represented.

For those people, who want to try nothing, but national kitchen, it is necessary to be ready for spicy and herby food. Local restaurants in Langkawi are worth writing article to help tourists and guests to wade through innumerable details of Malaysian kitchen.

For All Gourmands: TOP 8 Creatively-New Restaurants In Langkawi

Privilege Restaurant & Bar

Being in Malaysia you will never miss a huge bill-board with Privilege Restaurant & Bar advertisement on it. This restaurant specializes in traditional Malay kitchen, Indian and fusion dishes. The menu is not really big, but all food is tasty or very tasty. The restaurant is situated in Telaga Harbor Park. Obviously, there is a little chance to take a seat here on weekend. That is why, don’t press your lack – just call beforehand and order a nice table straight at the window facing harbor. This is what you really need for tasting local food and atmosphere!

Address: B8, Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park

La Luna

Looking for romantic dinner on the coast with the beautiful view of sunset, you should visit La Luna – special place in Casa del Mar Hotel. There is no danger that this place doesn’t suit you. Casa Del Mar from Spanish means house on the beach. As you understood, the hotel and restaurant are situated on one of the most popular and interesting Malaysian seaside Pantai Cenang.

The kitchen you can try is a mix of local and European dishes and seafood. The main La Luna feature is a wide choice of classic and original cocktails, made of fresh fruits, greenery and spices. Just imagine how nice to finally eat in the open fresh air in the shade of a palm.

Address: Casa del Mar, Jalan, Pantai Cenang

For All Gourmands: TOP 8 Creatively-New Restaurants In Langkawi


Don’t think of this restaurant as something strange! This cozy place is a part of La Pari Pari Hotel. What is special in fatCupid? This roomy place is situated just at the big pool in the open air in the middle of beautiful garden, full of exotic plants and birds. There is one little problem for visitors every night – mosquitoes. To avoid them, you should use repellents.

Address: fatCupid, Jalan Teluk Baru, Kampung Tasek Anak

Coco’s Bistro

If you are tired from spicy Malaysian food – visit Coco’s Bistro right now! This is a small bar and restaurant in the open air. The restaurant is conducted by Lady Coco and her Irish friend Steve. What more could you ask for from such exotic mix? Of course, Irish ragout! As a matter of fact, Coco’s Bistro is specialized in European and West-European dishes. The menu is not big unlike with standard portions. The prices are also more than available. It is no surprising that Coco’s Bistro is very popular among tourist and locals of Langkawi.

Address: Level B, 2000 The Laguna, Jalan Kuala Muda

La Chocolatine

It is usually called a little part of Paris in sunny Langkawi. This French cafe is mostly famous of its cakes and pastry. Look here! There are many tasty sweets around you! As it is told, the cafe’s owner came from France. He moved in Malaysia in 2009 and opened a popular pastry cafe here. You should try croissants, having no doubt.

Address: No 3 Jalan Teluk Baru, Pantai Tengah

The Cliff Restaurant & Bar

Visiting restaurant you can estimate it according to three main criteria: place, food and service. According to this, The Cliff Restaurant & Bar can be easily considered as one of the best restaurants in Langkawi. It is situated on Pantai Cenang beach, facing sea and coastal islands. If you want to see sunset (about 7 p.m.), you can visit bar and then, take a seat in the restaurant. Anyway, a beautiful sea view is guaranteed. The dishes you can try here are mostly from Asian and Malaysian kitchen.

Address: Lot 63 & 40, Jalan Pantai Chenang


The menu of this restaurant consists of a wide choice of Mediterranean cuisine dishes. It is more expensive than others in the city, but the food is really worth it. The best part of Brasserie – it is situated right on Pantai Cenang beach. There is also a possibility to have dinner inside, or on the cozy open terrace. Anyway, the key point is having tasty dinner with a view of Andaman Sea.

Address: Pantai Cenang

For All Gourmands: TOP 8 Creatively-New Restaurants In Langkawi


The menu of L’Osteria is full of Italian food. Do you like pizza? It is cooked in a wood stove, which was imported right from Italy. Pizza is really tasty here – baked and spicy. Waiting for your order, you can watch the chef, cooking for you. The restaurant specifically proposes a lot of seats inside, but some places outside are also available. The atmosphere is calm and jazzy.

Address: L’Osteria, Lot 2863, Padang Mek Siam, Jalan Pantai Tengah

Street Delicacy

It is interesting to know for all gourmands that visiting modern restaurants in Langkawi is just a half the battle. Street cafes are the right places, where you can feel local atmosphere to the full. Trying something interesting, so-called local delicacy, keep in mind that the most popular of them is noodles with the spicy hot sauce. Most of the street tents and bars start working in the second part of the day, in the late afternoon.

Finally, there is one more advice you should know, being in Langkawi. Local transport is not well-developed. It is mostly represented by taxi. There is also a bus service here, but don’t lop upon the bus trip every day. The bus stops are not well-conducted and it is not available to catch a bus here. Saving your time (as a rule, tourists and working people have no time to waste), use rental car service without any doubts. You can also hire care, bicycle or motorbike, as you wish. The impression is that just European tourists can understand the sense of it.

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