A child’s smile is one of the most innocent things in today’s world.  Flashing those pearly whites can bring instant joy to one’s day. Now sooner or later, those teeth can start to become wiggly and fall out bringing new adult teeth, which creates a whole new joyful smile.  Looking back on all those pictures in the future, there is nothing that brings a smile to one’s face than a child flashing their pearly whites. Children’s teeth can fall out at all ages and one should not be concerned if kids begin to lose their teeth at an early age.

When Do Children's Teeth Fall Out

Children’s teeth begin to fall out from five to seven years old, but some can have wiggly teeth at the age of four which is not unusual.  A child’s bottom teeth are usually the first to go with a kid. Children with special needs tend to lose their baby teeth a bit earlier.  Also girls tend to lose their teeth before the boys as generally speaking girls develop a little faster than boys.  If a child loses their teeth before four or five it is usually due to decay or trauma such as a fall.  Trips to your Vancouver childrens dentist can pinpoint and highlight if there is any decay in your child’s teeth.  After your child’s bottom teeth fall out their cuspids and primary molars do not fall out until around the ages of 10 to 12.

A child’s baby teeth begin to fall out when an adult tooth moves up in the jasy and causes the baby tooth to loosen up and fall out.  The adult tooth begins to absorb and chip away at the root of the baby tooth and pushes it out.  Usually the bottom two front teeth are the first to go, then it is the two top front teeth, next up is, the two on either side of the bottom jaw, lastly followed by the two on the top.  These are usually the first eight teeth to go and they should be gone by the age of seven or eight.  If your child’s teeth have not fallen out by the age of seven you may want to get some x-rays done.

Your child’s dentist is the key to preserving that precious smile on your child.  It is important to take care of your child’s teeth and make sure they will have a healthy smile throughout their childhood and into adulthood.  SmileTown Dentistry is there to help keep those kids smiling and make sure they keep on flashing their pearly whites a long time into the future.