What is Florida no-fault insurance? How it helps you? What kind of protection cover it offers? What are the pros and cons of the Florida no-fault insurance? Where is it available? If you are staying in Florida and want to know some important facts about this insurance, it’s very important to know the answers so that you get an idea of how this insurance policy actually works. Keep reading this article to know more on Florida no-fault insurance.

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What Exactly Is No-Fault Insurance?

If it’s a pure no-fault insurance policy, each and every driver will get the coverage by his own auto insurance. Moreover, drivers won’t be allowed to sue any other driver even when a major accident occurs, or if there is any death is involved in the accident. However, none of the state actually implements “pure” no fault insurance.

To put it simply, no fault can be described as an auto insurance policy where both the drivers have the option to choose their insurance cover for their own protection. But, there are certain specific limitations involved when it comes suing any other driver. It’s the higher state who has the right to decide on the limitations. They only decide on the cases which will go to litigation.

3 Crucial Facts To Know About No-Fault Insurance

Along with all this essential information, here are three other crucial facts to know about Florida no-Fault Insurance:-

  • The fact is, you still have the option to take legal action against the driver especially if he/she is at fault. It’s simply a misconception that drivers don’t have the right to take the accused to the court because of the rules involved with the No fault law. Obviously, there are certain terms and conditions involved with the process.
  • There are mainly two kinds of thresholds which you must know. One is verbal threshold and the other is monetary threshold.In the monetary threshold, you have to pay a pretty good amount of money for the medical expenses.
  • If it’s required, you must go for independent examination-this is the only examination which can make the Florida No fault law work. It’s the insurance service provider who will hire a medical examination for the examination. If anyone denies for the examination then the policy will be immediately cancelled.


Understanding the pros and cons of the Florida no-Fault Insurance law will help you to choose the best insurance cover. Never ever randomly choose an insurance cover until you know the benefits of the policy. If you have any questions or query, you should feel free to ask any kind of questions to the broker or lender.

Comparing the different plans is very important. You should get at least three quotes from the different service providers to choose the best policy.