Prepaid credit cards are not genuine credit cards, but they actually work similar to the real thing. You can swipe them at the point of sales locations, and use them to make online purchases, or pay bills over the telephone. They are free or inexpensive, and easy to use.

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The best part about signing up for prepaid card programs are their no hassle policy. Unlike credit cards, you have no long application to complete, and your credit history is not important. Anyone can apply and qualify for prepaid cards. Prepaid cards provide:

  • Safety from robbery or burglary
  • Access to your money 24 hours per day
  • Password protected online account
  • Convenient way to pay bills without giving out credit card information
  • Spend only what you put
  • Load it using several loading methods
  • Transfer money from your saving or banking account
  • Withdraw money from ATM or inside the store
  • Pay for gas at the pump
  • Use as a credit card when dining out
  • Online text alerts

These programs offer you so many convenient and hassle free ways to save money. If you have problems budgeting, overspending or paying your bills on time, a prepaid card is exactly what you need. Although, many financial institutions offer these incentives, the benefits they offer are not the same.

Take a look at a few popular prepaid programs and see how they work:
American Express Serve. American Express is one of the largest Credit Card Merchants globally. The prepaid program they offer is called “Serve.” Customers can apply for it online for free from American Express website. It offers a routing number, and account number for easy funding. Direct deposit, moneypak money loads, and bank transfers are available. There is no setup fee and no monthly maintenance fee.

PayPower sponsored by Green Dot offer individuals a low monthly maintenance fee of $5.95. There is no activation fee, and when you use direct deposit you get $20. You can apply online. There is no credit check, no minimum balance to keep, no overdraft fees, free transaction and free online bill pay. The popular prepaid card offers other alternatives to get free money added. Earn $30 when you have your government check or other benefits directly deposited, refer friend to PayPower can get $20.

These programs are often referred to as reloadable cards. When you choose the best card for your needs, you will experience the benefits of owning such cards. You may use it to order bus tickets, pay for airline purchases, order food online or pay at the restaurant. Avoid carrying around large amounts of cash. These can be cancelled and replaced, if they are stolen.

You can setup automatic payments to your prepaid card or online account. Schedule one time payments or regular payments. Prepaid programs allow you to pay your creditors each month. The PayBill feature is free and easy to use. Just add your creditors or billers to the website and each month you can send them a check, from your online prepaid account. There are no envelopes or stamps to buy. Only a few systems offer credit bureau reporting features. However, there is extra for this charge. Search out the best card for your needs, and apply online or pick up a prepaid card from participating stores. If you are seeking a professional company to assist with your prepaid card services, please consult with Berkeley Payment Solutions for more information.