Reduce, reuse, recycle — many of us are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint in our homes by increasing the application of these concepts. This is not, however, only a home based, grass roots movement. Thanks to its combination of cost reduction and good public relations, recycling is becoming more and more common in both small and large companies. As the general public increasingly expects environmental responsibility, corporations have begun to research and implement new ways to address the issue while making it financially rewarding to do so.

Five U.S. Companies Committed To Recycling

Corporate recycling commonly begins with a plan to work toward “zero or near zero landfill status,” which ideally means that none of the business’ waste ends up in the dump. Next, the company needs to perform a less than pleasant, but imperative step — “dumpster diving.” The current state of the business’ waste must be assessed in order to determine the methods needed to recycle it. Often, there are items in the garbage that are easily identified as recyclable. With a few containers and training for employees, these items can be illuminated immediately from the waste stream. Consulting firms or waste management companies can help find outlets for other recyclables.

These are 5 U.S. Companies Committed to Recycling:

1. Container Exchanger: Specializes in creating returnable and reusable packaging for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. They also reuse paper in their own offices, and when blank paper is necessary, purchase 100% recycled paper, and utilize “gently used” office furniture, which is sold rather than thrown away when it has outlived its usefulness.

2. Brita: Well known for its popular and effective water filtration items, Brita has designed all of its products to be recyclable. The plastics can be recycled by standard methods, while the filters can be sent back to the Brita corporation. The filters are then broken down, processed, and made into new filters.

3. Kenai Sports: This popular sportswear company makes all of its clothing out of garbage. As a plus, they are also 100% American made.

4. Sprint: This cell phone company recycles its phones, but it is also dedicated to sustainability within the corporation. They are currently setting incremental goals to decrease their “operational waste-to-landfill,” reduce their “greenhouse gas emissions,” increase their use of renewable energy sources, and more.

5. Recyclebank: This innovative business works to reward sustainable behavior and business practices, encouraging people to increase their recycling habits and water usage, among other green behaviors. They practice the same activities as a company as they teach and coach in their clients.

With climate change an increasing threat to life on earth and landfill areas full and often poisonous, more than ever companies realize they must do something to help, not only to do what they can to decrease environmental issues, but to address the demand of the general public regarding the same. While many companies sacrifice the health of our planet, our water, and our air in favor of profits, the companies above and many others are working to counteract their damage as much as possible. It may often seem to be a David vs. Goliath situation, but if enough people and companies band together, our efforts can make a greater difference than we might imagine.