There are hundreds of dog breeds throughout the world consisting of myriad shapes, colors and sizes.  The overall value of a breed is primarily dictated by scarcity and the purity of the specific bloodline. Here are some of the rarest and most expensive dog breeds currently available. If you’re searching for a specific breed, always be sure to work with a reputable breeder. No matter the dog breed, consider your dog’s health and look into a pet insurance plan like ASPCA Pet Insurance. ASPCA Pet Insurance helps pet parents cover pet care costs for a multitude of canines.

Tibetan Mastiff

Hailing from the frigid, mountainous regions of the Himalayas, the Tibetan Mastiff is perfectly suited for a hardened lifestyle. It was originally tasked with supporting nomadic tribes in herding livestock and guarding their campsites. To this day, it retains that primitive toughness, boasting a thick double coat of dense fur and standing at an imposing average height of 27 inches. The typical Tibetan Mastiff weighs over 105 pounds. Due to their breed’s noteworthy history and large size, Mastiff pups have reportedly cost over $7,000.


Despite their small stature, Löwchens have managed to build themselves quite a grand legacy. Recognized as an official breed since the Renaissance, they’ve been featured in the portraits of royalty and other leaders. Their long-haired appearance is directly reflected in their name, as Löwchen is German for “little lion.” They’re incredibly rare, and this reputation has ensured your typical puppy is worth over $6,000.

Egyptian Pharaoh Hound

Egyptian Pharaoh Hounds are one of the most unique canine breeds on the planet. Bearing a distinctively striking appearance and litheness, Pharaoh Hounds originally accompanied hunters in the Malta region, serving as companions and trackers. Now they’re considered very rare and are seldom encountered outside of Malta, their sole breeding ground. Their pedigree dates back to 4000 BCE, and their visage can be found on multiple ancient Egyptian artifacts. This uniqueness and prodigious ancestry comes at a price–Pharaoh Hound puppies generally cost over $5,000.

Chow Chow

More commonly referred to as simply a Chow, these canine specimens are covered from head to paw in thick fur, traditionally protecting them from outdoor elements in their native China. The one major caveat regarding the breed is that they are natural protectors and may sport aggressive tendencies towards strangers. One of their more interesting characteristics is undoubtedly their blue or black tongues. A typical Chow pup can cost up to $8,000.

English Bulldogs

Immensely popular, English Bulldogs are stalwart companions and gentle souls with an adorably crumped face. Their high price doesn’t stem from their breed’s scarcity. Rather, it is directly related to the fact they can possess a multitude of congenital health defects. A truly healthy breed of English Bulldog pups is hard to come by, hence the higher prices. A healthy puppy will commonly be sold for over $3,000.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Boasting one of the most aristocratic names in the dog world, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a highly-coveted breed in Europe and has seen its popularity rapidly increase in the United States in recent years. A breed traditionally enjoyed by English nobility, they are small in stature but exhibit limitless affection and playfulness. Due to their prestige, a typical Cavalier King Charles Spaniel will generally cost over $8,000.

Note: Breed information gathered from various online sources.