Apart from the traditional gardening, there are a variety of gardening ways to follow that which will suit all your needs and conditions. Hydroponic gardening can simply be defined as growing plants without using soil at all. The most common practice is to use a tray and water and put the plant’s root on them. The water must be mixed with nutrient solution. The nutrients will be absorbed by the roots which are necessary for the plant to survive and remain healthy. Researchers have found out that this is the most efficient way of raising a plant rather than the conventional gardening technique.

Finding The Best Way Of Gardening Depending On Your Needs

Ebb And Flow Method

This is more commonly known as flood and drain method. This hydroponic gardening technique needs a pump installed so that it can mix the necessary nutrients to the tray or pot at regular intervals. A different gadget is also installed which determines the exact amount of nutrients that are needed by the plant determining on the surrounding. In this particular technique people can use any type of base. They can be sand, rocks or gravels as they are best to hold the plant in an upright position. People who are looking to do container vegetable gardening can also use this method. The only thing to look out for is power shortage as it is capable to dry the roots.

Water Culture Technique

This is a very effective method of providing all the nutrients to your plants while practicing a hydroponic gardening. In this method, a Styrofoam sheet is used and the plants are placed on them. The sheet is immersed or floating on water and the water is filled with all the necessary nutrients. A pump is also installed and is used to put the nutrients solution to the roots along with oxygen. Some of the most popular vegetables that are commonly grown using this method are lettuce. It is important to note that plants that are not aquatic should be grown using a different base other than water.

Wick Method

This technique is the most commonly used and simplest form of hydroponic gardening. This is method that does not require any expensive gadgets or tools. In this method all the gardener needs to do is put one of the wick in any growing medium and the other end must be immersed in a solution that has all the nutrients that are essential for the plant to survive and grow. The roots must be immersed in the growing medium as the nutrient solution is put into the growing medium. The major negative point of this method is you will not be able to grow any plants that are big. The reason behind this is simple as a bigger plant will use up all the water and the nutrients very quickly. This means you need to fill the water and the nutrients much quickly than a smaller plant would require.

By using any of the above mentioned methods you would be able to be involved with the gardening as much as possible.