College essays are important because they reveal our identity and set us apart from the bunch of other applicants. Many leading universities need their applicants to write essays which indeed showcase the personality of the applicant. Writing the essay can be one of the biggest challenges in the application process. For those students with excellent writing skills, this task could be absurdly easy. The admission committees put most weight on your high school grades and your test scores. But in some selective colleges the applicants with same score are compared as per their writing skills. So they use your essay to find out what sets you apart.

Key Terms

  • While writing an essay, you must be thoughtful, honest, and genuine.
  • The admission officers have to read unbelievable number of essays, so make sure yours isn’t forgettable.
  • Acting smart won’t help.
  • Be true. Be yourself.

What the essay should include?

  • Always write about something that you care for.
  • Write about something that is important to you.
  • Forecast things that you experienced in your life.
  • Write about things that inspired you – it may be a book or some kind of road trip.

Make an initial draft before submitting the actual page. Keep on re-reading the draft until you find it to be perfect. Put yourself in the shoes of the admission officer and ask yourself questions like- Is the essay interesting? Is it logical? Does it forecast the personality of the individual? Your essay should represent you; it must not be a detailed report about your grades in high school or the competitions you won. It represents your character. It must not contradict with your personal statements during the interview.

Don’t act too smart. Things that seem funny to you may be offending for the admission officers. Always give a precise and brief description about yourself. Use your writing skills to impress the officers.

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Author Box:

Joseph Lodge makes the entire process of writing college essays simple and very practical. He also suggests taking best benefits of services like to customize your ideas.