The environment is in trouble and every little bit you can do helps in big ways. Each person can make a difference by limiting their environmental waste. You can start small and work your way up to the larger changes for an easier transition. Taking the time to do this is of the utmost importance to our continued existence.

What Are You Doing To Help Limit Environmental Waste?

Recycle at Home

One of the easiest ways to reduce your environmental waste is to recycle at home. Check with your city or town to determine whether or not you have a curbside recycling collection program. Some of the most common household items to recycle are: plastic bottles and containers, cardboard, paper, glass, newspaper, and tin cans. Do not forget that in many states, you can get a refund if you take back your plastic and glass beverage bottles. You can save the planet and make a little extra money at the same time.

Shopping Ideas

You can limit your contribution to supermarket waste in a number of ways. Start by eliminating the use of plastic wrap and paper towels. Use old t-shirts as rags and plates to cover bowls. You can also reuse plastic containers from supermarket items and restaurants. Bring recycled glass bottles with you to the supermarket for bulk dry goods such as beans, teas, etc. Great sources of glass bottles are jam and jelly jars, store-bought pasta sauces, and other previously purchased items. Also, do not forget your reusable grocery bags.

Trees and Compost

Sometimes, it is best to cut down a tree, particularly if it has been infected with a disease or if it has died. An infected tree can spread to other trees causing an even bigger problem. If a tree is old and has served its purpose, it is time to let it go. Hire someone to cut it down and add the chopped wood to a compost pile to make mulch. Professionals, like those at Smitty’s Tree Service Inc, can remove dead trees without damaging the surrounding landscape. Once the old tree is gone, you can plant a new one in its honor. You can compost in a city or in a rural area. In fact, it is estimated that roughly two-thirds of your trash can be composted.

Save Water

The world is running out of fresh water. Many cities within the US no longer have fresh water reserves and so they have to buy it from alternative sources. This is a dangerous situation as humans require fresh water to live. You can start by using toilet-flushing conservation practices meaning that you do not flush the toilet until it is absolutely necessary. Turn off water while you wash your hands, brush your teeth, or when shaving.

Catch rainwater to use for watering your lawn and bushes and even for you houseplants. You can also wash your car while it is raining or with rain water you’ve collected. When it comes to saving the planet, one person really can make a difference. Start by making little changes to your daily routine and soon, you will be living a completely sustainable life.