When it comes to exercise equipment, the treadmill is usually what comes to mind. Arguably the most common of all exercise machines, it is well-known for its major feature, which is the conveyor belt. Whether it is powered manually or powered by a motor, it rotates in various speeds upon adjustment of the user, which then allows him or her to jog, run, or walk on the machine for a set time period. With its myriad of features and its benefits in ensuring fitness and health, the treadmill is, unsurprisingly, one of the most preferred exercise equipment to purchase for home use.

Purchasing A Home Treadmill: Some Considerations To Look Into

If you are planning to purchase one for home use, it is important that you put into consideration a lot of things that go along with it. And no, it’s not just the price you should look into.

Considerations on the Type of Treadmill for Your Home 

While the brand and the price of the product both influence the purchase of your treadmill for your home, you need to also consider the type of treadmill you really want. Indeed, there are a lot of treadmills out there to choose from; you just need to weigh your options. It is most likely that you may be purchasing a motorized one because you can adjust the speed of the belt, although if you want to exert more effort, you can go for a cheaper manual treadmill.

Also, there are treadmills that are either foldable or non-foldable. On one hand, a foldable treadmill provides easy storage, especially if your room does not have enough space. This type of exercise equipment, however, is not that sturdy compared to the non-foldable one. If you want the other type, make sure that it covers enough space in your room. Given its durable frame, you can do running on it. If you are the type who does not run but does brisk walking, the foldable treadmill is for you.

Considerations on the Features of Treadmills

Apart from the type of treadmill for your home, you need to also put into account its important features. Indeed, you need to focus on the following when you shop for your home exercise equipment:

  • The deck and frame of the treadmill. If you want to get the most out of your exercise machine, you need to look for the main body of the treadmill. Here, you must make sure that the deck can be adjusted to either decline or incline to provide you that level of resistance in relation to the speed of the belt. It should have a shock absorption system that is built on the deck to reduce the risk of getting injured. As for the belt, it should be thick and durable enough to withstand frequent use. If you don’t want creaky noises annoying your workout, you can opt for a treadmill that has a quiet motor. 
  • The display console. Of course, you need to check the progress of your workout routine. Thus, your treadmill should have a display console that shows how long you have been working out, how long you have traveled, how many calories you have burned, and your current speed. It should also display your heart rate. Although you can avail of a treadmill with a display console with buttons, you may also opt for touch screen LCD monitors, but that, of course, would depend on your budget. 
  • Safety features. Your home treadmill should have features that would minimize injury risks. Indeed, handrails must give you a good hand grip to give you stability. It should also have a safety clip that is attached to your clothing, so when you suddenly fall off the deck, the clip will extricate from the machine for an emergency stop. Of course, it should have a button or a key that would stop the treadmill right away.