With their landscapes between sea and mountains, the city of Nice and the region are excellent destinations for family holidays. If you have chosen to take your children to stay in the capital of the Riviera, renting a family car will be absolutely necessary. In addition to allowing you to move more easily from one place to another of Nice, it will give you the opportunity to go on an excursion in the surroundings of Nice and to live unforgettable adventures in family.

Places to visit in Nice with children

This article will therefore be of great help in bringing you information on the various roads of Nice, the way of driving residents and the parking possibilities in the city center. It will also give you some useful information on the Provençale, major highway that you will necessarily take at one time or another during your stay in Nice. Regarding the Rome airport transfers to city this is important.

Travel and stay in Nice with a rental car

  • You will understand throughout this guide that renting a car to an individual during a stay in Nice is very advantageous.
  • You can also take a limousine without reservation from the airport. Rates are fixed and even highly regulated. The Transportation Commission has even established a specific list based on where you will be driven.

Leave your car at the airport?

To find out if it is advantageous or not to rent a limousine rather than leave your car at the airport parking, you just have to compare the prices.

When we take a ride on the site of the airport, we realize that it amounts to at least $ 15 per day (we leave his car at the eco-park and we have to take a shuttle for 16 minutes). There is a rate of one week at $ 85. It is certain that if you are 5 in the car, it will be back to you at about twenty dollars gas included. You will have the disadvantage of not arriving directly in front of the airport gates.

Good plan or not?

To go to the airport, the best option is to be driven by a friend or a relative, we all agree on it. Then there is the STM shuttle option ($ 10 when you buy a transport ticket valid for 24 hours or free if you have a monthly transportation card).

Getting there by car and leaving it at the airport can be a good plan from a financial point of view. 5 passengers have to pay $ 85 for 7 days of parking plus say $ 15 of gas, it’s $ 20 each. For the same number of people, you can rent a limousine go, it will return substantially the same price, but it does not include the return. If we are more than 6, it will lower even more the price per person to rent a limousine.