Kissing is one of the most satisfying activities between couples. In fact, there should be a couple that do not kiss … Do you remember when you met your guy was very difficult to separate your lips of yours?

Sensitive Lips

Your lips are hundreds of nerve endings : exactly , you feel 100 times on your lips in the fingertips . This makes them very pleasant kisses . Try messing around with your guy , his tongue pass through the center of the lips or only very gently stroked the edge , try small bites do not hurt. The sensations you will experience are on another level !

Ready for Action

Many men say that a long, wet kiss , puts tuned for when making love. Try to improve your technique and sucked her lips slightly when you kiss . This will make you feel in the clouds and enjoy the most of your time alone.

Facts about Kissing You Need To Know

Increases Desire

When I kiss your body not separate from it , is that your hips are together and hug him around the neck . Caress your neck as you kiss . Then move your ear and enjoy your tongue gently along the edge of the lobe, gently sucking and kissing continues. I guarantee you will want to not separate from you after this move .

What do you think of these tips ? I cannot wait to put them into practice ! Take your kid and not leave the house all afternoon.

Fun Fact

Did you know that the acronym ” xoxo ” ( hugs and kisses in English ) comes from the Middle Ages when people signed contracts with an ” X” and sealed their deal with a kiss? From there “xx ” began to take that meaning which later end up as ” xoxo “.

Since kissing your mom gave you when you were a little to both enjoy your boyfriend or girlfriend and even those who you give your pet while you’re kissing, all sorts of interesting things happen at many levels. Kissing is an important tool in human relationships, eliminate stress and may even get to become an addiction, but many other things that insurance does not know about this quirky romantic drive almost instinctive.

10. Kissing your Pet Increases the Bacteria in your Mouth

Facts about Kissing You Need To Know

It is most logical , if you are someone who like to kiss their pets, just be aware that both the animal’s coat as his mouth ( if your feelings for the creature are sufficiently intense and extravagant like to kiss there) is plagued by huge amounts of bacteria. In 2012 , a study conducted by a group of Japanese scientists demonstrated how bacteria such as P. gulae , T. forsythia and C. rectus often live in the saliva of domestic dogs , for example, and to 30% of those who have pets at home , they also have these bacteria in your body, especially in the mouth .

The team concluded that domestic dogs can transfer bacteria are capable of transmitting bacteria to their owners and cause disease in the extremely damaging gums. So when it comes to your pet tries to avoid kissing … from now on . In fact , scientists recommend avoiding not only act but also brush after playing with them .

9. The Kiss of a Mother to a Baby can cause Tooth Decay

Kissing your pet can provoke several cavities and dental disease, but keep in mind that kissing your pet can be the same or even less dangerous to kiss a human. In this case, the kisses of a mother to young children is just as dangerous, but of course, affection and feeling really worth .

Anyway, it is interesting that, for example, the main sources of transmission of harmful bacteria that are young children, comes from his mother’s saliva and are commonly cause cavities. Streptococcus mutans is the most common, and abundant in saliva of adults and can pass from mother to child by kissing, speech and prolonged contact naturally, the mother has with the children.

8. Kisses Parents Improve Child Development

Like I said, that the mouth of your mother has a few S. mutans does not really matter whether we contrast that with biohazard psychological, cognitive and emotional benefits that those kisses full of pure love. Newborns, infants and young children often receive hugs and kisses from his mother and father during these periods, develop more easily and quickly than those who do not receive or do so less frequently. Physical contact, the ways in which the kiss and embrace work as a communications tool, strengthening linkages and transmitting security, confidence and support for the child, and help stimulate the infant to develop better and faster.

7. Kissing can Strengthen your Immune System

We know how much bacteria and germs live your mouth, mine and everyone. Also how dangerous this is an even more classic phrase of Nietzsche, “What does not kill you makes you stronger,” a phrase that surely heard ad nauseum and now really can implement meaningful. The truth is that while our mouths are full of dangerous bacteria and this can be dangerous, it is actually much more likely to kiss improve your immune system, you become more resilient and able to deal, for example, various types of allergies . Kisses make our body comes into contact with the bacteria that inhabit the saliva of other people and this stimulates our immune system on a large scale, putting it to work and train hard, among other things, making it stronger.

Facts about Kissing You Need To Know

6. Kissing Reduces your Stress and Relaxes equal to 1 Yoga Session

That the practice of yoga reduces stress levels and increases relaxation in people who develop it properly is a fact and is scientifically proven to work. What also is known is that, on the same terms, a 1-hour session of yoga produces exactly the same effect in individuals who regularly kiss with a loved one with whom a relationship is maintained.

In fact, years ago a study about in which 2 groups of couples were asked one will increase the time and the frequency with which they kissed, while the other asked the opposite during a period of 6 weeks after surgery . After this period, group 1 showed to have decreased levels of stress and anxiety, while the second, who had to refrain from kissing, presented higher levels.

5. Most Kisses Tilting his Head to the Right

To kiss necessarily bow our heads to the side so that our noses do not collide. It is quite obvious, but a group of Irish researchers conducted an experience after which realized that over 80% of people leaning to the right when kissing. Anyone may think that this is easily explained by considering the amount of left-handed and right there, however, the study also noted that the vast majority of lefties are inclined in the same way, that is right.

4. The First Kiss really Counts

Beyond fairy tales and princesses , romantic and other movies , the first kiss really counts and can seal or destroy a lasting loving relationship immediately . Although it may be the most unusual and extravagant, this is a matter that was analyzed from the sciences and according ensures biological anthropologist, the kiss is a complex mechanism through which people evaluate who can or may not be her partner at different levels and in various factors affecting this.

Several studies have shown that this mechanism is developed more strongly in women and that factors such as dental problems, the shape of the mouth , breath and skills to make a kiss a pleasant time to cause chemical reactions in the brain , affecting directly on the choice of companion from the first moment when the couple kiss . Nothing we did not know , but it’s 100 % real .

Facts about Kissing You Need To Know

3. Compulsive Kisser Syndrome Really Exists

Continuing in the same line of disparate data kisses, have you ever heard about the “syndrome of compulsive kisser”? Well, let me tell you that is real and therefore there: basically, are addicted to kissing people. It is a peculiar type of obsessive compulsive disorder and was described in a delivery of the Journal of Psychiatry in 2012, published in Australia and New Zealand.

2. Lips Stimulate many parts of the Brain and …

The mouth is the main protagonist of all kiss and in turn, lips and tongue play a more central role. The interesting fact is that there, on the lips, there is a huge amount of sensitive receptors that send numerous neural impulses that stimulate brain activity not only, but the whole body, causing all sorts of results from a blush to sexual arousal and men, of course, an erection. Relax, it’s not that you’re a maniac, but a simple kiss can provoke an erection, accompanied by a wide range of feelings, emotions and changes in the body in that sublime moment.

1. Some People can have Orgasms with a Kiss

You thought you were very good kisser? Well, we all agree that a good kiss can take away your breath, and, as we saw, provoke all sorts of things, but an orgasm? Yes, well, a kiss can trigger an orgasm: without any stimulation or genital contact. This is possible and, therefore, emotions are paramount. A try!

Facts about Kissing You Need To Know

Fun facts about kissing

1. 45% of men say that a really long, hot kiss puts them immediately ready for sex.

2. Give deep kissing causes an increase in saliva helps to remove bacteria from the mouth , therefore , reduces the risk of tooth decay and bad breath.

3. Research showed that kiss improves skin , helps circulation , prevents tooth decay and can even relieve headaches.

4. 54 % of women between 18 and 24 say they’ve kissed another girl.

5. There are tons of nerve endings in your lips

6. We close our eyes when kissing because a large expansion occurs in the eyes and brain drives us squint.

7. Two out of every three couples turn their heads to the right when you are kissing .

8. Kiss little tongue :

9. You can burn 26 calories with a kiss 1 minute duration.

10. A simple kisses uses 2 muscles. A passionate kiss uses 34 muscles in your face.

11. The best way to kiss the ear.

12. 50 % of people have had their first kiss before age 14.

13. We are not the only species Kissing.

14 . The average woman kisses 29 men before marrying her prince .

15 . Kissing releases the same neurotransmitters in the brain like running or did skydiving.

16 . According to some Eastern religious traditions , kissing is a way to give and receive spiritual energy.

17 . It is still technically illegal in Indiana for a mustached man to kiss another person.

18 . Diver Kiss : The kiss even more passionate language , deeper and longer.

19 . Kiss me, in several languages ??:

English : Kiss Me

Portuguese : Beije – me

German : Gib mir einen Kuss

Italian : Dammi un bacio

Indonesian : Menciumku

French : Embrassez -moi

Norwegian : Kyss meg

Polish : Pocaluj mnie

Irish: Póg Sun

Czech: Polib me

Facts about Kissing You Need To Know

20 . In Japan, the passionate kiss each other on the neck or hands , but never on the lips.

21 . The word comes from the kiss …

Latin Basium – kissing action and kiss – Latin basiare , play some things with contracting dilating lips and gently , to express love, friendship, or reverence .

22 . One theory is that kissing as we know them originated in the medieval era.

When the men of battle returned home and “kiss ” their wives to know who had been drinking in his absence.

23 . An average person spends 20.160 minutes of his life kissing.

24 . Ancient African tribes considered kissing a danger because they believed that the soul could escape them by mouth.

25 . In the Middle Ages, people signed legal contracts writing an “X ” on the document and then kissing to compromise their honor.

26 . In medieval Italy if you catch a couple kissing, they were forced to marry .

27 . Did you know that the first movie kiss was between John C. Rise and May Irwin in the film called The Kiss , back in 1896 ?

28 . The longest kiss in movie history was between Jane Wyman and Regis Tommey in the 1941 film , “You’re In The Army Now” and lasted 3 minutes and 5 seconds.

29 . Eskimo Kiss :

None of mouth , here is the tool tip of the nose to the face of the first couple touching nose tip , hence can walk all over her face gently .

30 . During the course of a kiss saliva circulating …

9 mg . water , 0.7 g . Albumin , 0.18 gr. Of organic substances , 0.711 mg . of fat , 0.45 mg . salt , and a handful of bacteria and enzymes.

Very curious and interesting, right? Now that you know all this, you just have to enjoy this fantastic human ritual kiss is so simple and yet so complex, so amazing and so old, so natural and so difficult to understand that awakens all kinds of studies. What do you think? What other interesting facts about kissing you know?