Cellulite can be very uncomfortable not to mention embarrassing for those who have them. Despite being a skin condition, it is hereditary. As a result, the chances are that if your parents developed them, then you would probably have them too. Cellulite is also not a sign of aging or being overweight although weight is a contributing factor. Though a common phenomenon in both males and females, it is more prevalent in women and can manifest from as early as puberty. Cellulite does not pose a health risk but due to the way they look, it is understandable why those with them would like to remove them. Below are tips on how to deal with cellulite:

Know the basics

The first step in cellulite care is getting the right kind of information about it. The body is made of connective tissues that segment fat cells into chambers. An increase in fat deposits in the body consequent increases a number of fat deposits in these chambers. They thus tend to bulge out stretching into noticeable lines that run across the skin particularly around the thighs and buttock area. The reason for prevalence in women is because the fat chambers form a pattern similar to honey-comb segments while in men, the pattern is horizontal. Either way, cellulite can be caused by poor diet, slow body metabolic processes, changes in body hormones and lack of physical exercises amongst other causes.

The Physical Solution

Cellulite is fat. Therefore, being physically inactive can cause fat deposits in the body to increase gradually over time because the body’s metabolic process is not fully engaged. Light, as well as heavy exercises, can go a long way in getting the body’s metabolic processes to burn out unwanted fat in the body thus eliminating the susceptibility of developing cellulite. Jogging, running or swimming are just some of the exercises that help solve the problem but in a general way. However, to target specific areas of the body such as the hips and thighs, do more plie and abduction squat, clockwork lunges, hip bridges, the Brazilian lunge and dead lifts.

Plie Squats

This move mostly targets the thigh and the butt muscles. It involves doing stand-up motions with both feet facing away from each other. To properly master it, stand with both feet far away from each other. Secondly, gradually lower down both thighs until horizontal to the ground then stand back in the same slow motion process. At first, you could do the maximum number of reps you can but as you continue into the exercise, stick to the number you can comfortably complete. Alternate between the heels as you raise or lower the thighs.

Clockwork lunge

This is another effective move that targets the thighs and regions of the body that are prone to fat deposits. The clockwork lunge is also labor intensive and as such is an effective move for cellulite care. To master it, begin by assuming a normal upright posture with both hands akimbo. In a set of 15 reps, take a step forward with the left foot and lower down as if kneeling until the left knee makes a right angle then push back up, gradually. Do the same starting with the right foot. You can also alternate between stepping forward and side-ways.

Swiss ball abduction squat

Besides targeting the thigh muscles, this abduction squat is also a perfect workout for the lower back. To perform the Swiss ball abduction move, place a Swiss ball an arm’s length away from you. Alternatively, you could also use a weighted stability ball. With the ball in position, raise the left leg and place it on top of it, then roll the ball over while simultaneously lowering your body with the other standing foot. Repeat the process with the right foot.

Brazilian lunge

The Brazilian lunge is another intensive work out that increases the fat burning process of the body. To do it, place one foot on top of a low chair or BOSU trainer and cower into a lunge position with one knee at the right angle. Raise yourself back up with the feet still in position. In a set of 15 reps, do this for both feet.

Dead lifts

The dead lift is another technique that targets the thigh and butt muscles as well as the lower back. In a standing position, grab a pair of dumbbells (of considerable weight) and lower the back until horizontal to the ground and straighten back up with the knees still straight. Repeat this process 10-15 times.


There are a myriad ways to get rid of cellulite. Some are costly while others do not even need to conform to your budget constraints. The above methods fall into the category of the latter and only require dedication, hard work and commitment in order to see results.