There’s a new hobby in town and it’s called ‘card making.’ Move over scrap booking, stamping, decoupage and all the rest – card making is the hobby that takes paper creativity to a whole new level.

If you are one of those craft-crackers people who can’t get enough of home-made artefacts produced from your kitchen table, then step up for your next challenge.

In recent years card making has become a really popular craft hobby. There are many reasons for this – it is a versatile occupation that can be easily done at home. You can start off with easy projects and as you gradually learn more techniques, your card making can leap into another stratosphere. The skill and artistry of many hand made cards means that they have become more coveted as a quality alternative to mass-produced cards.

As with any good creative hobby, you’ll need to have access to the best card making supplies. For the finest range of coloured cards, pretty papers and all manner of accessories and card making supplies, the best place to head is online. Internet merchants for card making supplies carry a wide range of stock and postage is quick and easy – meaning there’s no interruption to your creative flow once you get into an artistic rhythm.

Card Making For Fun and Profit

Once you have caught the card-making bug you will soon find you get approached by people who want you to create cards especially for them. This unique and bespoke element is one of the key secrets to the success of hand made cards. The lack of choice in quality cards in the supermarkets and department stores means we are forced to look elsewhere for inspiring and beautiful designs for special occasion greeting cards. Custom made greeting cards created for one off events such as weddings, christenings, anniversaries and significant birthdays are appreciated so much more by the recipient because they involve a lot more care and thought.

Generating an extra income from hand made cards is made easy with the growing number of outlets for such merchandise. Selling cards online is a simple way of making money especially with large websites like Etsy to showcase your products. Etsy is the go-to online shop for a huge range of items with a crafty bias, and once your products receive some positive interest and reviews, sales can really start creeping up. The most effective way to exploit marketplaces such as Etsy is to highlight the ‘unique-ness’ of your product. Customers head to Etsy because they are looking for something off-beat, unusual and different to items they see in the mainstream shops. By providing a truly unique product you are exceeding the capabilities of the mainstream outlets and you should make sure you emphasise this. Of course, with premium quality hand made cards there will be a premium cost to pay – and if you deliver a fantastic, bespoke design, clients are willing to go to a higher price.

Hand made wedding invitations have become very popular and card makers seeking to capitalise on this can make some interesting profits. Stationary that is unique, stylish and able to compliment and fit in with a couple’s wedding theme in terms of design and colour are particularly sought after.

Card making is the sort of hobby you can pick up and put down with ease. You can buy kits, tools and accessories that suit your abilities and if you have somewhere to spread out such as a kitchen table, you’ll find card making can be a real stress reliever. For busy mums it can be the ideal therapy at the end of the day when you need to let off steam with a gentle, creative session. You can also involve children with your artistic activities. Paper craft is a wonderful way of helping small children to improve their fine motor skills and develop an eye for colour and composition. For inspiration and tutorials to help you with your crafting, head online where you’ll find a huge range of enthusiasts waiting to share their techniques, tips and ideas.

Nothing beats the thrill of receiving a greetings card that has been created specifically for your enjoyment. Spread warm wishes around with cards that delight their recipients and serve as lasting mementoes to special times. Card making can be fun as well as profitable, so if you are seeking a new hobby with extra benefits, look no further…