Exciting Winter Workout IdeasA person can work out for many different purposes, two major reasons are: training and for hobby. Excitement lives in both prerogatives! Mandating a passion, love, lust, or liking for working out will always bring you joy, not to mention a great physique. There is nothing more thrilling than feeling the rushes, burn, and whatever else one feels when exercising. Explore your options, but, what is there to do during the winter season? All anyone can think about is…. Brrrr I’m cold! A simple resolution is to dress appropriately, schedule time, and always be optimistic for workout ideas.

Claw Your Feet into Snow

Snow shoeing is an amazing way to explore the outdoors and nature. It is a great physical power, strength, and cardio work out that provides cardiovascular benefits. Great options are to perform aerobic running or walk slow paced routes. Normally working out in theory entails focus and concentration. This tactic for exercising is group friendly, who wouldn’t want to have their friends a long on a journey.

Live On the Edge

Mountaineering, commonly familiar as mountain climbing, will indeed stipulate an adrenaline rush. It is a full body servicing exercise tough and beneficial. Mountaineering is an exercise you would want to do with friends, in case of an emergency, the muscles work the same. You are working primary as well as secondary supporting muscles.

Embrace the Breeze

Running has always been a fun exercise because it can be coupled with music devices and alone time. In addition to that, HuffPost Healthy Living’s guest, Kinesiologist, Matthew Stults- Kolehmainen attests to the notorious notion that exercise reduces stress. He elaborates that this occurs through the raising of one’s heartbeat. One of the most profound reasons to run outdoors in the winter is because the body is less likely to overheat, which would cause greater force for you to run against heat and humidity. You do not want your body temperature to increase to high, exposing you to a higher risk of excessive sweating and shortness of breath.

Join a Hockey Team

Fitness training, weight training, cardio boxing, and condition running, these are some of the top ways to go about working out. However, there is another practice to improve fitness that is season appropriate, and simply far more exciting and engaging to indulge in.  I can only think of one “perfect” direction to glide that will encourage a valuable body, tone, and muscle work out, and it is the popular sport of hockey. A sporting activity such as hockey demands a great cardio work out, it builds aerobic endurance, mental improvement and of course physical fitness. Training is essential, drills such as:  interval training, fartlek training, plyometric exercise, ladder agility drills, flexibility exercises, will help hockey players benefit from:

  • Explosive power
  • Muscular endurance
  • Strength endurance
  • Core tightness
  • Flexibility
  • Foot speed
  • Coordination
  • And more…

Many sports stores like Pro Hockey Life suggest that it is important to have proper hockey equipment, just like your summer workout clothes and gear. To ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout visit your local sports store to get fitted for skates & pads.

A hockey game involves 3 periods of play, and two intermissions of rest between. The irregular interval and high intensity exercise of rapid acceleration followed by rest periods keep everyone involved on the ice sweating and fit during gameplay. Joining a hockey team is one of the greatest things to do during the winter season.