Small business needs all the support they can get to market their business in the present economy. Small businesses do not have an adequate budget to advertise their business or employ marketing personals or time. However, none of these things matter to search engines and search engine optimization is good to level the playing fields and steal their share in their market.

The following are some of the tips that small businesses can make use of, to improve their SEO.

small business SEO

1. Content is King

 The content is always king in SEO. Search engines love fresh and unique content and when you provide fresh and good content on your site that is useful for the readers, it will provide more opportunity to your viewers to search your products and services. Also you can guest post in others blogs to promote your products. You can find here list of blogs which allows guest posting in all niches. Try to turn all that is possible in to content on your site. To do so, you can record everything and change it into text for example conversations, opinion etc. Transform the emails you receive regarding your products and services into fast answered questions on your site, generate videos etc.

2. Make your Business Personal

 A personal voice, is the advantage that small businesses have over larger ones. Small business owners should showcase their authority in the market by adding trust. Audience and customers usually love reading reviews about your products and services before they buy them. They are more likely to buy your products this way than by reading product features and benefit pages. As customers take the help of search engines to buy products by researching, you must provide them a buyer’s guide to your products. Create an impression in their minds that you have a personalized business.

3. Optimizing Local Search

 Another advantage small businesses have been local searching. More than half of the consumers use search engines to search for products and services in their locality. Therefore all the small businesses must optimize their local search option.

4. Increase the Speed of your Site

 Small businesses are usually notorious for being slow. They do not care much about the speed of their site. However, they must improve it as now Google considers speed of the site as one of the factors to rank the site on their search engine. Therefore, make sure your site loads fast if you want your site to rank well. Remember, when you improve the speed of your site, you improve your customer’s experience. If you manage to impress them, they will keep visiting your site regularly.

5. Filter your Internal Links

 Internal links add value to your site. It sure takes some time to research old post links and add them in your articles, but they benefit your site greatly. This will greatly help with your site’s search engine optimization, improve the user experience etc. Review your site’s linking architecture, check if your site’s navigation is good or not, add Sitemaps etc. Do all these things and it will impress the search engines and the viewers.

6. Create user Friendly Content

 If you are only creating content to rank well in the search engines, then you will lose a large amount of market. Content is not just for search engines but for your viewers too. If you provide content only for search engines, you will fail to attract audiences and they will never revisit your site and will not link to your site. Therefore, write content that is user friendly, that is informative for the viewers and one they can link back to.

Small business owners who own a website must follow all these tips to improve their site’s search engine optimization and therefore improve their business.