Eid-ul-Fitr is probably the most significant festivals celebrated by Muslims all over the world. It is also popularly referred to as ‘The Sweet Eid’ because of its long term relationship with sweets or mithaai. The celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr involves the exchange of various types of sweets and desserts. The amazing variety of sweets marks the happy and sweet end to Ramadan. Countries all over the world – India, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, etc. celebrate this Eid with great fervour. Many send mithaai to Pakistan and other countries on this occasion to make the celebrations more beautiful for their loved ones, no matter where they are.  Let us look deep into some exotic sweets that are a part of Eid and have long contributed to an exotic experience for the taste buds.

eid ul fitr

1)     ShahiTukda –  ShahiTukda or the ‘Royal piece’ is a one in a kind of a dessert. Rich and exotic in taste and flavours, ShahiTukda is indeed a sweet meant for the royals. Its unique taste is meant to give you a feeling of royalty and hence, the name. Meant for festivals or ocassions,shahitukda can be served either hot or cold.

2)     Coconut Basbousa–The Coconut Basbousa is a dessert which is kind of a sweet cake induced with ingredients like coconut, wheat (Semonlina or Farina) and a sweet syrup to go with it.It is originally a Middle East dessert that has paved its way into the list of Eid and Ramadan sweets because of its unique texture and taste.


3)     KajuHalwa – KajuHalwa is a sweet that mainly constitutes cashew nuts or Kaju,as it is popularly known. It is mainly a cashew nuts, ghee and sugar. It is a widely popular choice of dessert not only in Edi but also all around the world.

4)     Samosa – Samosa is mainly a sweet shaped in the form of a triangle. It is made out of fried wheat or flour and is stuffed with fillings like potato or other elements. They can be either sweet or salty,as per taste and the type preferred.Some samosas also contain meat. Overall,the savoury taste of this particular dessert is what makes it so popular among its consumers.

5)     Sevaiyyan– Sevai is a macaroni kind of a sweet that is loved worldwide by many. Made from boiled rice, it is sweetened with the use of other ingredients and served. Many times this boiled rice is also made into a form of dumplings and then served. Overall, it is a very common dish that is served during the holy festival of Eid-ul-Fitr.

6)     Sheer Khurma – Sheer Khurma is another choice of sweet that is highly popular among its takers. The dish is mainly prepared from dates that are dried and then to it is added many other ingredients like Vermicelli (pasta), dry fruits like dates,almonds, raisins, etc. Traditionally a Muslim breakfast, the Sheer Khurma is prepared on the day of Eid celebrations and served to family and friends.

Thus, here are some amazing desserts that are sure to add flavour to your next Eid celebrations. Whether it be about mithaai delivery in Pakistan or any other country in the world, or about making sweets at home, the above desserts will never make for a wrong choice.