The heat, lack of schedule and long days make summer the best season to enjoy your backyard as a family. You can save money, travel time, and frustration by making your backyard a summer playground and refuge.

How To Have Some Summer Family Fun From Your Own Backyard

Simple Games

Enjoying your backyard can be as simple as having the right games and equipment. A badminton set can provide hours of active fun for all ages. If you keep outside toys easily accessible, children can wander into the yard to play whenever they feel like it.

Keep jump ropes, baseball gloves, and a hula hoop in a tub by your back door or in the garage. Play ball together or have a family hula hoop contest. Another good option is sidewalk chalk. It allows children to draw a hopscotch game or create a roadway in which to race. Don’t forget to have bubbles on hand to turn your backyard into a bubbly wonderland.

Get Wet

Nothing is more fun in the summer than getting wet. Whether it’s running through a sprinkler or having a water fight with balloons, cool refreshing water is the stuff of dreamy summer days.

You can use your badminton net for a game of water balloon volleyball. If you are looking for a way to keep your children active and cool, consider an easy to assemble above ground pool, like those found on Find a size that fits your backyard and your family can float and swim the summer away.

Fabulous Food

Eating in the backyard lets the family enjoy each other without the worry of making a mess. Some of the best summertime treats are also the stickiest but when you’re outside you don’t need to worry about ruining your carpet or furniture. If your kids do get covered in a sticky mess, turn on the hose and make the clean off a party.

Some frozen summer favorites to keep on hand are popsicles, ice cream bars and ice for making slushies. If you’re looking for healthy snacks, fruits like watermelon, berries, apples, grapes and oranges are easy to prepare and eat.

Family fun begins with bringing your family together for activities that all can enjoy. Whether you splash in the pool or have a game of baseball together, you’ll be creating memories. As you provide different options, everyone will be able to find activities that suit their age and interests. Summertime should feel relaxed and easy. So, too, should your family activities.