Edgar Gonzalez Anaheim resident is an avid supporter of the Who’s Next Boxing Academy This academy helps youths escape their troubles and find something positive to do with their energy and time instead of turning to a life of drugs, gangs and crime. Edgar who is also a keen advocate of baseball is from Santa Ana.

Growing up in the Hood offers more than enough challenges for anyone. Teenage years can be troubled enough without adding crime, drugs, poverty, missing parents and peers trying to get you into their gang involved in drug warfare.

When you live in the Hood there will be lots of poverty around you. Your own family may not be as strong as you would like. You may only have one parent at home and money will be tight, if you stand out as a swat who is doing well at school then you could be targeted for your brains alone. The key to survival is to try and go unnoticed, stay under the radar remaining neither over friendly or unfriendly. Stick in with your studies but try not to stand out as doing so.

A great way to get you out of the Hood and into a positive environment is to take up a hobby such as baseball or boxing, dance groups such as street dance, or join a club where you can MC or rap or sing, whatever your chosen talent. All of these places will have fabulous supportive staff who will try and help you escape to a brighter and better future.

Boxing is very often a go to sport, if you have been down the road towards crime. you probably already know how to defend yourself. If your peers find out that you have taken up boxing it is a fairly credible hobby. You might receive more adverse remarks if you had taken up ballet or singing.

There are often tales from successful boxers of how boxing saved their lives and got them away from really bad situations such as crime, gangs and drug related issues Boxing like any sport is also very good for depression.

When you are living in the Hood it is probably quite easy to get depressed with the poverty and crime around you. It would be fairly easy to lose all hope and faith and wonder whether things will ever improve and whether you can get a happier and more peaceful existence.

Boxing Gym and Academies such as theWho’s Next Boxing Academy in Anaheim Orange County, can help you achieve a positive mind-set. The exercise itself will help release positive endorphins into your body which will reignite some hope. The staff in the Who’s Next Boxing Academy such as Edgar Gonzalez, will have a sympathetic and thorough understanding of your predicament and they can most certainly offer you support and practical guidance as well as emotional support at all stages of your development. If you have any problems big or small you should speak to someone at the Academy, who will be able to help you.